monday q&a – without the q

So… I usually post a question and answer on Mondays. But due to the wedding and summer and long weekends with holiday Mondays and general laziness on my part things have been a little slow around here. And without blabbing away on the interwebs I haven’t garnered much correspondence. So I actually have no question today. And I have no one to blame but myself. If I was picky I would blame you all… it’s up to you to ask me dumb questions so I can ask them for you! Get it together!!

Feel free to send some questions to me. Especially anything you are embarrassed to ask. I am doing a few private tours of local wineries in the next few weeks and would love a few awful questions to ask!! Please fire away and I’ll ask on your behalf and report back.

So far I plan to ask about corks versus screw tops, why do you oak or skip the oak and when do you harvest… if you have any other wonderings pass them along!!

Next week I will be exploring the corking fee at 3 local restaurants and reporting back to you!

In the meantime here are a few miscellaneous winey thoughts I have….

1) I am drinking a Pinot Grigio tonight and it’s pretty watered down. Time to peg down my go-to white.

2) Back in the beginning of time, like, when New Kids On The Block were first touring, I liked white wines. Then I switched to all red. Now I am back on the whites. Can you drink white wine after labour day or is it like clothing?

3) I need to attend more wine events. But they are either mega pricey, mega far away or mega underadvertised. What to do????

4) I should have picked Superstitions as our wine theme for this month as our tasting is on \Friday the 13th. Missed the boat on that one. Maybe bad luck??

5) We got our 200th like, first solicitation for guest posting and an invitation to a winery this week. Things are mighty fine!! (ps – I said no to the guest post… I need to come up with a disclaimer and some rules before we accept any product gratis)

6) I’ll be launching a virtual wine club here this week!! Very exciting business!! whoop, whoop!!

And that is all she wrote!


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