monday q&a – half corked

This week our question comes from me instead of to me…. And I asked John from Privato Winery for the answer.

I’ll probably ask this question again. A lot of times. Because I suspect I’ll get a different answer from each wine guy.

I attended the Privato Open House last weekend and I’ll have a full update with pictures later on but I did ask John why he uses cork when he bottles his wine. And I am talking real cork – not that plastic stuff that looks like cork.

I think I surprised the guy…. but he was gracious in answering my dumb questions.

His reply was basically that real cork is the only thing that allows oxygen into the wine bottle. So if you let the bottle sit for five years you’ll see the effects of that process as well as the mellowing of the oak flavours and all the other science and art that goes into making wine. If you box it or bottle it with a screw top you lose out on that part of the aging process. For some wines, like the ones you buy that taste the same year after year, you wouldn’t want or need aging like that to take place. So you would slap a screw top on it and call it a sale!

John doesn’t make that kind of wine… this guys eyes light up when he talks about his wine. He’s living his dream! And using real cork to bottle it up!


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