review – volcanic hills chardonnay 2010

This dry white wine was actually my favorite of our last wine night… but I was the only one who gave it top marks.
I am the last person in Kamloops that would buy an oaked-up chardonnay. Maybe second last after the guy that hosts the AA meetings. I didn’t buy this one either but once again I was reminded that you need to think outside that back label and be open to trying new things.

Surprisingly, this wine is really multi-dimensional. It smells great, it tastes great and it has a nice light finis You can taste the fruit without feeling like you are sipping a juice box from your kid’s lunch box. Some wines are just like old juice boxes to me… too fruity and too sweet. This one pulls off the fruit without the sweet, warm apple thing some wines get.

We had this wine with cheeses and breads and grilled onions and tomatoes. It got the thumbs up from everyone present but was beaten out by Hardy’s sweet Riesling by the other ladies. I gave this a four out of six. I wouldn’t buy it for myself but it would be a nice gift…


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