how much would you pay for a locally made wine?


We have two wineries (that I know of) in Kamloops. Yay! We have Harper’s Trail, which is just a bangin’ out the wine, and Privato, which is up and coming and produces less wine.

I visited both this month and plan to review both asap (computer swap/picture dump issues) but the underlying question I am left with is this… How much are you willing to pay for a wine from your own back yard?

Gifting wine is a separate category to me. Being able to bring a Kamloops wine with you as a hostess gift when you travel or to give to someone who comes to stay here is fantastic. And short of a three digit price tag I am not too worried about the cost of that kind of wine.

But how much would you pay just to sip a local wine on a Wednesday?

Let’s say a bottle of white from one of these wineries is $22. It’s not… I am making that up. But just hold that thought. You try this $22 wine. Let’s call it Loops Grigio. You like Loops Grigio. It’s alright. You could drink it with dinner or by the banks of the Thompson River.

Now let’s say you have a go-to white you get from the liquor store that costs about $14 a crack. You like it too… It goes good with dinner. You drink it watching your kids soccer games (out of a starbucks cup – hello) and we’ll call it Grande Grigio.

Both go down the same pipe. The difference is one is local. Well, the real difference is one costs $8 more. That’s a lot. If you are a cheap drunk that is actually the cost of a whole other bottle of wine. Let’s call that cheap wine Twofer Grigio.

I feel like I should be drawn and quartered and sent to live in shame in Kelowna for saying this but to me it is not worth an extra $8 to drink I wine I think is okay… everyday… just because it was made here.

I feel awful though. And I will tell you I buy BC wine every time if I can just to be supportive. But I can’t justify the price difference.

I get why they cost more… lower number of bottles + same damn overhead = more moola needed per bottle to feed the kids.

And I’ll buy it until the cows come home. And I’ll go to their events and talk them up and love them. But I won’t be buying their bottles for my table…. darn it.


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