review – harper’s trail field blend white 2012

I want so badly to love this wine.

First off, it is reasonably priced. Just $17. Now, if you have been following along for a while you know that I am a $12 bottle girl. At least for the whites. But you can’t… CAN’T… buy a bottle for that price that was produced within 100 kms of here. I know. I’ve looked.

And I would love to drink more expensive wine but I actually work in the non-profit sector. So the chances of me being able to afford better wine is directly attached to the chances of me winning the lottery. Any ways… back to it.

So I wanna love this wine. And I really like this wine…. but I tried twice now and I just don’t love it. It’s my favorite of the Harper’s Trail wines so far but not the be all end all for me.

I love the people out there, and our tasting was great. We tried this one first and here at home we had it with homemade pizza and fish tacos. It went well with both.

Your first whiff is of apple juice. It is very fruity and certainly not light. This is a white with some weight to it. It is dry but not too dry. Thank God for the light handed wine makers that are being careful with the oak these days!!

You can sip this alone or pair it with light dinner fair. But what it has in body, which is great, it drops in crispness or acidity. Made up of Riesling and Chardonnay, it lacks the light zip of pinot gris. Which I prefer. If you are a Chardonnay fan, though, you are going to love this wine.

I give it a 4/6. You should try it for sure!


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