you only need to know 3 things to buy wine

Welcome to all our new friends that have joined us from Pinterest and Bloglovin’. We are happy to see you here? Can I get you a glass of wine?


In the last two weeks shit got real around here. The blog has had a 500% increase in traffic. So I thought we would go back to the very beginning again and give you 3 – just 3 – things you need to know to buy a bottle of wine. Because if you ask a wine guy you know he is going to give you the forty-five minute, dumbed down version of what you should consider before you pick…. he’s an idiot.

If you don’t know a damn thing about wine but are going to buy a bottle it is probably wigging you out that you are going to screw it up. And you can. You can really overthink it. Other than that you should just buy it and you’ll be fine.

Wine is like salsa. There is no right or wrong. There is just taste. So here is all you need to know to buy yourself your first bottle of wine…

1. Buy what looks good. If the label, appearance colors, name, country of origin or cute guy standing in the aisle appeal to you then you may actually like the liquid in the bottle. Marketing is big business and most wine makers pay a good deal of money to get the right look for the right customer. If you like the look of a bottle or it draws your eye it was likely made for you! ps.. this isn’t bull crap. It’s science, people.


2. Turn the bottle around. Normal people will tell you a bit about the wine on the back of the label. Maybe what to serve it with or what you might notice about it. If you are new to wine and the bottle says drink it with bloody steaks and blue cheese or it will be overpowering I don’t think you should start with this bottle. Find something that goes well with soft cheese and chicken.



3. Be cheap. Really. Don’t blow your cell phone payment on a bottle of wine. There is lots and lots and lots of great BC wine for under $15. There is even some under $12. Don’t spend under $8. If you want to spend less than $8 go buy some hand sanitizer.

And that is all you need to know to buy a bottle of wine. Seriously. The rest is just window dressing!


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