review – copper moon pinot grigio

Have you seen Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? I have seen several versions. And in every version the Oompa Loompa’s drive me batty. Those over-orange little chubby buggers drive me up the wall. They are so over the top and in your face. And that brings us to this wine.

This wine is a total bust for me. Now, I try not to say anything if I don’t have something nice to say. So, I’ll start by saying that this wine has a nice, medium body that is surprising for the price…. there. Now I can tell you the rest!

While the wine stood up to dinner in terms of weight that is where the points-in-the-plus-column stops. This wine is way too punchy. It’s more like apple juice that sat in your van for a week. It’s really heavy to start and overly tart. There is no depth and no subtlety. There is no finish. It’s the McDonald’s orange drink to my Tropicana orange juice.

Just say no….

In all fairness I was the only one of the four of us that really hated it. Two ladies would have had it again and one would buy it. I would do neither.

This one is a pass, folks.


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