why you should not buy an award winning wine

Sorry if I seem a tad formal tonight… my computer will not let me use contractions. It is not natural unless you are learning a new language to speak like the Queen. So bear with me.

On to the wine.


This is another one of those posts for people who are really new to wine. Maybe you are buying it for a gift or trying something out. You walk into the liquor store and see all these labels with the most amazing declarations – WINNER OF 2 SILVERS AT THE NAPA WINEMAKERS AWARDS. WINNER OF THE GOLD MEDAL AT THE ONTARIO WINE ASSOCIATION FESTIVAL. WINE OF THE YEAR AT THE DINNER CLUB OF FRAN AND STAN.

These things are like Hollywood awards, people. There are Emmys and Oscars and Grammys and Tonys and Razzys and about a thousand others.

I am not saying that these are not good or even great wines. They are probably super great! But take a closer look before you buy. There are many festivals, competitions, associations and groups that designate winners. Some wines have 6 awards. Now we are really getting into Oscar territory….

You still need to read that label. If it does not suit your tastes it does not matter how many medals it has hanging around its neck. It will still taste like crap to you.

And don’t pay more than you would for a bottle just because it has won a bunch of stuff. Turn that bottle around and read the description. Or even just look at the award. If it is an obscure thing you do not understand just dismiss it.

I am not dissing all wine awards. But you will be blown away if you really start looking at those little award stickers all over the bottles in your local beer and wine store. There are way too many to take seriously. And much like the Oscars – if you are not nominated you can not win. Some wines may be just as snazzy but less marketed. Do not count those little guys out!

Cheers! (And sorry about the British airs!!)


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  1. Jocellyn
    Nov 01, 2013 @ 15:05:10

    Obscure thing I don’t understand? Sounds like some hipster hooch to me 😉



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