the wine club is live – how to find it

I will post the wine club info once on the home page each month. Just so it’s not lost!! So here you go! ps – sign up to get the email if you want to be sure not to miss the monthly selection!! Or you can hover over the wine club tab and it will bring up each month for you. Once you click on that month you’ll see the assignment then the reviews as they roll in after the 10th! Please let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to hearing what you have to say about the selected wine!

Hello Wine Club Members!

I am excited to announce our first wine and just how the club will work!

Because it is a virtual club, you’ll be on your own in terms of sipping but we’ll compare together a bit later in the month. We’ll each be trying the same wine and we can compare what we tasted, what we liked and what we didn’t together on the blog.

Here is how it will work;

1. I’ll announce the wine (you’ll get an email and it will be added to the wine club tab on the blog).

2. You have 10 days or so before we’ll start to comment on the wine and share our thoughts as a group. After 10 days comments will open up. The current month’s wine will always be at the top of the page but the previous wines will still be below so you can be slow if you need to.

3. As a group we will determine a rating for the wine and it will be added to the wine list with our collective score.

4. We start again!

My suggestion is that you try the wine twice. You don’t need two bottles but you should try it without food and with (if that is the suggestion of the winemaker) and I often try a wine again a day or two after I opened it as that can make a huge difference. I just leave it open on the counter to get air!

Ready for this month’s wine? Here we go!

I chose this wine for 2 reasons… okay, three. The first is because it is a BC VQA wine. The second is I have always liked the winery and they are still little enough to care about the local customers. The third is that the price point is reasonable.

Without further ado…

RED ROOSTER 2011 Bantam

This is a white blend and sells for $14.99 at the BC Liquor store. It is readily available and you can get it lots of places!!

Okay, here we go! Enjoy your tasting and let us know what you think!



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