chef’s in the city winner… TRU culinary arts program

I didn’t get a picture of my little masterpiece but the clear winner of the night for me was a smoked tomato macaroon with pickled eggplant.

The original had chorizo as well but they made me one without as I just don’t eat sausage… It was really full of flavor and I loves the macaroon!

I did try some meat dishes tonight although I was a total pass on the steak tartar. I figure it’s a lot of moola to drop on a ticket if you can’t eat 80% of what’s served. The winning wine of the night? A few actually 2011 Squeezed White was nice. They are new in Oliver. The Recline Ridge Blush was nice and for a red I would say the Ancient Hills Baco Noir. I didn’t try too many wines as I had to drive home.

It was a good night! But Rotary, please, smaller forks!! That is way too much to hold at once!


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