my big disappointment – jam jar

21_1I waited a year to buy this wine. I guess I rushed into it. I coulda’ waited two more.

It turned out to be not that good. Have you had Welch’s Grape/Cherry juice? Yeah? If you buy that you got this.


I really like off dry, fruit forward, bold, meaty red wine. And I eyed this bottle at the liquor store for a while. Then I finally coughed up the nearly $20 to buy it. And it’s juice.

I suppose all wine is juice but after a few good ones you start to see where juice crosses a line and becomes art. That is what wine is, I suppose. Juice turned to art.

This particular art is off the preschool variety. It lacked any complexity or depth, any body. Fruity? Check. Ya got that one. The rest just wasn’t there. And it had a funny feel to it as well. I would not have been surprised if this wine was priced between $9 and $12 but it is no cheapy sauce. It flies over from South Africa (not my favorite wine region) and has little on the bottle to describe it’s origin. It does say simple. And honest. So maybe it was me… I was expecting too much. This is a no buy.


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