harper’s trail – visit kamloops own winery



I am so late in posting all about this fantastic place and these fantastic people. And it’s all my fault. I knew I had some great pictures but they were kinda lost in my hard drive on my older laptop. I finally captured them and lassoed (tee hee) them over here! Yeehaw!

Kevin and I  actually went and visited  Vicki and Bobbi at the end of August. And I was sure that by the time I finally got the pictures it would be too late to tell you about our visit. But I ran into the Harper’s Trail crew again at Chef’s in the City and was pleased to find out they are still open on the weekends! You can mosey on out from 11am-5pm every weekend though now until December!

About the place…

It’s still under construction, with big plans for the upcoming year after a long wait to get the go ahead for expansion. They have done a great job with some temporary digs so you can enjoy yourself while you sip. The tasting room is… roomy! You don’t have to shuffle around if someone opens the door. That’s nice! It’s all new and shiny, too!

IMG_6914They have a nice patio area as well. You can sip what you purchase out here, which is nice! They aren’t serving food as of yet (unless it is for an event) but more on that later.


We were given the go ahead to wander into the vineyard to take pictures but I am not sure that is something you can do everyday… they are super nice though, so just ask!!

The property is beautiful and they grow a lot, a lot, a lot of grapes. This is their current offering with more varietals on the way ;

2012 Pioneer Block Dry Riesling
2012 Silver Mane Block Riesling
2012 Rosé
2012 Pinot Gris
2012 Cabernet Franc
2012 Chardonnay
2012 Late Harvest Riesling
2012 Field Blend White
2012 Gewürztraminer

Here’s a little grape porn to make your mouth water…

IMG_6932 IMG_6929IMG_6933


Nice, yes?? The place is gorgeous and relaxing. And they are open to hosting your private group if you like. Seriously, they couldn’t be nicer, so just call! Bring your own food even!! Short of moving in for the winter I am sure they will do what they can if you want to bring your family out there for a tour or just a visit! Picnic, anyone??

On to the tasting. It is $5 for a tasting out here but we tried a lot of wines. And the ladies chatted us up about each and every wine we tried. They told us the history and the back story about each of the wines we tried and answered all our questions.

Remember, I told you it is damn hard to walk away from these things without a bottle. Well, I bought 3! And two are already gone! (Use the search tool for the reviews posted earlier)

This is a cool climate for growing grapes and the cooler climate wines are not my fave. So I don’t have a stand out wine to share with you. The two that I will recommend are the Field Blend White and the Late Harvest Riesling. Both would be fantastic gifts for the holidays!


And if you have out of town guests this is a trip worth making with them to show of our fair city!

I highly recommend taking the twenty minutes to drive out and meet this lovely team. The directions and hours can be found at their website http://harperstrail.com/






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