are the wine guys from duck dynasty a bunch of quacks?

I just saw that the Duck Dynasty family (yes, the beards and swamp people) have put out their own wine. Really.

I have no idea what it’s like and this isn’t a review of wine. I guess it’s a review of us. People. In the developed world.

We’ll buy anything.

I am not a Duck Dynasty fan. While I am sure they are a perfectly lovely bunch of God-fearing Christian people that are surprisingly better then me despite their seemingly odd way of life (like the rest of these docu-comedy families usually are) at the heart of their success lies a mountain of dead ducks. And I had a pet duck as a kid. So I have never tuned into the show.

None of this has to do with wine. Shocker!! Neither do they!! What the hell are they doing in the wine business? Probably making 2.4 billion dollars…. sadly.

They put out 3 Duck Commander wines. It’s a limited release so we won’t see them here in Canada right now but I have no doubt they will migrate North eventually. Hops they don’t taste like duck shit!!


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