a tale of two wines from across the pond

Have you heard of the reverse wine snob? He’s a great guy. Or guys. Or whatever. It’s a website that reviews economical (cheap) wines only and thinks anything over $20 comes with a snob factor. I am paraphrasing that.

Anyways, I get an email everyday from these guys with a wine review. They are my idols because they seem nice AND wineries give them these wines to try. I buy all the wine we talk about here. Not as fun….

I took a trip to our largest liquor store in search of their top 10 wines to try. Remember, I have said before that it doesn’t matter what a reviewers credentials are. If you like similar wines that’s the main reason to pay attention to his or her opinion. The only way to figure that out is to drink some stuff they write about. So off I went.

Turns out it’s a tough task. First of all, they are from the good ol’ US of A. So I can’t even find a wine from their site in our store. And I looked like a total douche hipster with my smart phone out going up and down the aisles. Fun times.

So I did what all less-than-savvy wine drinkers do. I settled on picking by the label. Kind of.

I noticed that many of the wines selected were from Spain and Italy. So I settled for an Italian Pinot Grigio that had a similarly plain label as many of the wines that were well reviewed on the site. I tried to find a Spanish red I could give a swirl but couldn’t wrap my head around it so I settled for a Malbec from Argentina with a plain label as well.

Short story. Not a fan. The Italian was an okay ride but the Malbec was…. cheap and old tasting. That is a real thing. Old as in not new world… cheap as in not complex. The pinot was well bodied and flavourful. Just not my flava fave… haha.

I guess Mr Reverse Wine Snob and I don’t see eye to eye. I should mention that his under $20 wines are probably over $20 here and maybe that is why I couldn’t find them. Damn taxes. In the mean time I think I will stick to my new world wines and labels meant for me!!

Here’s a pic of my fails!



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  1. sipsinthecity
    Nov 20, 2013 @ 16:08:35

    don’t let the sun and shadows fool you. It’s winter here all the way!! -15 degrees!!



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