a little advice about top 100 wine lists

I am the last person on earth who thinks you should be told what wine you need to drink.

There is a long line of people who think you DO need to be told what wine you need to drink. I am sure they are bazillionaires when it comes to wine smarts! They know more than the grapes themselves about what makes a good wine!! And some people who are bazillionaires (or at least own big companies and newspapers and magazines and websites) pay them lots of money to compile lists of wine that is good.

I love me a well-put-together list! I am as OCD as the next power-Mom. But, in this season of listing – good girls and boys, top news stories of the year, must see movies, worst politicians and on and on – the wine lists seems to be especially fast and formal.

As we wrap up the year there is lots of desire to create a nice tidy look back, music filled montage of the work we have put out. We all do it! It’s a season of reflection. Hooray! But do not be fooled into thinking these wine guys know what wine you should drink!

I have said this before, but some of you are new here, so I will say it again. Unless you know you have similar tastes to said wine-man his opinion is worthless to you!

Go ahead and try a wine of his top 10. But don’t rush out and buy all 10 until you are sure you and he would sit down and drink together!! Find a wine critic you usually agree with and then follow along!

Until then, as always, drink what you like! And if you end up drinking bad wine, at least drink it in the company of good people!th (3)


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