and the best wine store in kamloops 2013 is….

Hands down, again and again, I get the best service in just one liquor store in Kamloops.

They answer my questions and if the staff person that ASKS ME IF I WANT HELP (not the other way around) can’t answer my question they band together and work it out. They have special ordered wine for me. They have lots of wine. Lots. They have sales and specials and they are all around awesome!

Okay, who is this little boutique of goodness?

The North Shore Government Liquor Store.

They are awesome. They will find you a wine. They will give you a list of every wine they sell. They will give you a free booklet all about wine if you are confused. They give you free magazines. They have sales. But best of all they are there to help and are friendly.

Can I buy wine from every little BC Winery there? Nope. But I can go in to a few other places for help with that. And in all honesty, unless I know what I am looking for I don’t get much help in those places anyways!

So, your last minute wine shop has to be this gem of a store!! Cheers!!

ps – yesterday’s funny to follow! Bad blogger!!


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