the three bottles you need for new years (and why you don’t need champagne)

These are the only bottles you need to buy for your new years party.

1. Sawmill Creek Merlot – this high value (cough, cough *cheap* cough) red is damn near drinkable with anything you serve for dinner. It’s a great sip with appies wine too. And you can serve it to lots of people because it’s like $9.

2. St Hubertus Wine Goddess – this is a great white wine and it’s festive and sends the right message to your lady pals!! It’s another great sipper for appies.

3. Anything that sparkles that is not champagne. So, if you read this blog you clearly don’t work in the wine industry. That is why I share little hints with you that I learned the hard way. This is one of them. Champagne (oh la la sil vous plait) is sparkling wine from a very special little pocket of france. It is called champagne because that is what the French do. They French things up. You don’t need to go looking for a bottle that starts with ‘c’. Just look for a bubbly bottle! These can be found in a designated area of your liquor store and all around the store in different regional sections too. Branch out and don’t be afraid to spend a little dough. A decent bottle, in my opinion, should be about $15-20. If you buy anything cheaper you should just put some pop rocks in tequila. And you deserve what you get out of that!!

Bonus tip – if you don’t typically like champagne, or any dry and white bubble bottle, then use a cheap one to make a sparkly cocktail for midnight. We’ll be making two tonight. The first is champagne jello shots. Search those out in the previous post. The second is a sweet, blue sparkler made with Hypnotic, lime juice and sparkling wine!! Rim the champagne flute with colored sugar first and you have a great new years toaster!!

Enjoy yourselves tonight!! Be safe and be carefree. Resolutions to follow… I find it best to make these hung over so I’ll be finalizing my list in the morning when my toddler is loudly playing beside me. Fun times!!!

Happy new year!


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