wine theme – chinese new year

Our wine club is meeting this month to kick off the new year. Although our ‘official’ tasting isn’t on Chinese New Year we have picked the celebration as our theme!


I’m excited about this theme. I think there will be a nice variety of wines and of food pairings. Remember, this year I am focusing on the pairing part of my wine hobby.

So, can you buy Chinese wine? Umm… well, not really. You can buy sake. I have had sake. It’s a rice wine. You drink it warmed up a bit and it tastes like rubbing alcohol to me. Maybe you love it. Lucky you. I would rather drink my own pee put through a survival filter to make water. And I would never do that. Sake is an experience. Give it a go.

Instead of having a sake hoe down we plan to pick some fantastic ‘Year of the Horse’ themed snacks, desserts and finger foods and then find some great wines to go with them. No horse meat allowed. This is not Quebec.

Planning to try this out but not sure where to start? I go back to my age-old wine advice. Turn the bottle around. Find your ingredients listed as good matches on the back of the bottle and start there. And think outside the box. Bold reds!! Not just sweet Rieslings and spring rolls. Sparkling?? Bright, fresh, green wines. Getting excited? Is your mouth watering?

Invite your friends over to start the year right! If you need help planning a wine tasting at home search back on this blog for some beginner tips. And stay tuned for the results of our evening in the Orient!

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