review – mommessin beaujolais nouveau 2013

wow, that’s a mouthful. Really? If I had to talk about a wine or recommend a wine publicly this one would be off the list just because it is a tongue twister mouthful.

But how does it taste?? Umm. ok. I was a little disappointed. As I’ve come to appreciate more about wines I am less impressed with these really new, tart, quick ones. That’s how I would describe it. Quick. The flavour is there and gone. There is not a lot of depth. Watered down? It French rekind of tastes that way.

Are you a newbie and have no idea what that name means? It means that this is a Gamay Noir(that’s a kind of grape) wine from 2013. The French name their wines by region. We Canucks name them by grape (usually) or by sarcasm. So this is a new, French red.


I spun it around it is has a label full of nothing useful. No pairings, no tasting notes, no wine info. It talks about France. Not helpful. Sometimes they give you no info because they are fancy enough that you shouldn’t need it. Like stores that have no prices. I don’t shop at those stores. Sometimes, though, they give you no info because it’s a table wine. It’s meant to be slurped, not sipped. And they don’t care too much about you buying it again. I think we have a case of the latter here.

It was around $14. Kevin picked it up as I was home with the start of a cold. First pay day wine of the year. Would I recommend it? Nope.

Here’s looking forward to next payday!


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