review – ooh la la. indeed!

What a comeback wine!!

Remember my ‘out-of-the-park’ review of Jacob’s Creek Moscato? Did you try that one and love it? Well add this wine to your must-try list!!

Ooh La La Pinot Grigio comes in THE CUTEST bottle ever!! Observe…


Now, back in my younger days I bought wine based solely on the cute factor of the bottle, the label or the name. Now I am more discerning. But I could not resist a wine in a giant old-fashioned pop bottle! OMG. So for less than $10 I drove this straight home.

And I am so impressed!! It is fantastic. Medium bodied and not as sweet as the Jacob’s Creek. It would pair with dinner easily (light fare only) or be a great patio sipper. Like, super great. This is an afternoon wine. It would be great if you were wearing a fascinator! Really, that is the only thing you need besides a glass. This is a Duchess of York wine! This is a horse races and high heels wine! This is a pedicure wine!!

Would your great Uncle Burt love this wine? Umm.. maybe not. Would your sister? I bet so.

Really, go buy this wine. It’s at the Government liquor store in the USA section. California shelf.



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