poor cousins… review of sawmill creek dry red

If you read this blog even occasionally you likely know that one of my top picks of last year was Sawmill Creek Merlot.

Bang for buck this wine is a fantastic value. It’s a good, old-fashioned table wine. In other countries this would be a $5 bottle.. in Canada we pay much more… but that is a whole other topic.

On to the dry red. Same wine guys, same price range, same, same, same. Usually, when I am trying a *cough, cheaper, cough* I am inclined to like the blended wines better than the stand-alones. New to wine? Blends are wines that are made from more than one kind of grape. Like, shiraz and merlot grapes all mushed up together. And they usually work out great! So did this Sawmill Creek Dry Red, that has all sorts of win column entries behind it, live up to my expectations?

Big nope. This dry red is flat. Weak bodied and lacking any depth, I was very surprised based on how much I like their Merlot. Did I spit it out? Nope. Did it have any character? Did it get Kevin and I talking? Would either of us buy it again? Even in a pinch in the middle of nowhere with 6 wines to choose from? Nope to that, too.

I read on a wine blog (a successful one) once that you should always try to say nice things about the wines you review. And I have read lots of those kinds of reviews. In fact, I see very few bad reviews of wines. But since I am not a successful wine blogger, and I am far too honest to ever be anything more than amateur I just can’t seem to keep the less flattering pieces out of my reviews. I can think of one thing this wine delivered on though…. so here is the best thing about Sawmill Creek Dry Red.

It was actually red.

The end.


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