probably the worst wine i’ve ever had

I have a little secret. Don’t tell Health Canada.

I crack a bottle of wine and leave it open for a long time on my counter. At room temperature. If it’s not fruit fly season I sometimes don’t even recork it. And I always like the wine better after it is old.

It’s like decanting it really lazily! And cheap, young wine loves to get let loose in the air. Magic usually happens and it gets better. But last week something terrible happened instead….

I bought this wine

Fuzion-Chenin-Torrontes-2012And had a glass on, maybe Monday night… I forget. It was not good, not bad, not much. For $8 I was taking my chances anyways. Whatever. I like a glass of white wine with my popcorn while I watch ‘The Good Wife’.

Aanndd.. I left it on the counter.

Tuesday, I tried a glass again after dinner. And it was a whole new yuck. Honestly. It tasted like it had turned. Have you ever had bad home-made wine that sat too long? Me, too! On Tuesday of last week. This stuff turned to a bad apple cider vinegar after being opened a day.

Now, I am no wine expert, but I am sure that things happened on a molecular level like they do to every other wine I buy. So this wine got worse instead of better. Worst, actually. Awful! I am exaggerating a bit, of course. I don’t think it ACTUALLY turned to vinegar. But it got strong, sour and smelled and tasted like warm apple juice at the blood clinic (wink, wink).

So, naturally, I tried it again Wednesday… for, you know, science.

The things I do for you people!

Still apple-piss.

This goes down as my number one don’t-buy of the year! Oh, my white knight… will I ever find you? Am I destined to search the lands for a white wine I love and can afford for all my days to come?

I suppose I can try.


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