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Bonaparte Bend Honey wine with strawberry mousse pies!



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  1. Carmen Fairley
    Jun 16, 2014 @ 10:45:11

    Hi – it’s been a while since your last wine review and so I wanted you to know we’ve missed the e-mails from your wine blog at my house. If you’re on vacation or hiatus or sabbatical or doing research, I wish you all the best. If time for writing is in short supply I was wondering if you might want to solicit informal wine reviews from your readers to form a basis for something you could polish and use to develop future columns. Wines we’ve liked at our house in the past few months are California Red Apothic (daughter-in-law loves it so we’ve had it a couple times – $17 at BCLCB store is at higher end of our usual price limit), Hubby likes sweet red wines – port, fortified – his fave is KWV Cape Ruby from South Africa whose price is 12.99. Four years ago while at a conference in Sorrento we were taken on an outing to Recline Ridge Winery in Tappen where we discovered their fortified wine “Ridgeport.” Its slender bottle holds 375 ml and is a tad pricey at $20.78 PLUS taxes; however, it is quite lovely, and each trip we make along the Trans Canada to visit grandchildren in Salmon Arm takes us very near the side trip up the Skimikin Road through rural Tappen to the winery! Last week Hubby was at conference in Sorrento again, and this time an afternoon pilgrimage to Tappen resulted in him bringing home a 750 ml of the red table wine (17.30 + taxes) made from the same grape, Marechal Foch, as used to make the aforementioned port-style Ridgeport which he also splurged on as well! I might add that we haven’t opened the Marechal Foch yet, but hopefully soon! Sawmill Creek continues to be a staple on our table. Your review of this budget pleaser followed by our favourable opinion of it led to some experimentation on my part as I compiled a list from the BCLCB product guide (also online and have sought out other low-priced merlots to try. Very few of them are as good so maybe it’s not only low cost merlots I should be sampling but perhaps other worthy but as yet undiscovered reds that are out there! Anyway, I just thought I’d surface and say hi. Cheers, Carmen Fairley

    On Sat, May 3, 2014 at 6:24 PM, sips in the city wrote:

    > sipsinthecity posted: “Bonaparte Bend Honey wine with strawberry > mousse pies! “



    • sipsinthecity
      Feb 22, 2016 @ 21:36:37

      I totally missed this comment Carmen! I like the Apothic red as well but it is a tad pricey. Are you talking about a fortified Foch? Or just the Recline Ridge Foch? I’m on teh fence with Recline Ridge right now. They need to wow me with something new!! Try the Celista Winery Foch if you like a strong red!! And look for a fortified merlot. There was a winery right beside Recline Ridge that has since burnt down that made the best fortified wine I’ve ever had. If your hubby likes the sweetish reds try Momento from salmon arm’s Ovino. They are great, too! I think they have a fortified red now, they were experimenting with it last year. Thanks for keeping up a dialogue!! I love to chat about wine!



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