how to pick a wine in under a minute if you have no idea at all about wine

If you are not into wine, this…


…can see a little overwhelming.

Here is my most basic advice about how to pick a wine.

1) Wine to bring to dinner. Bring one that costs between $15 and $20 that you can’t really understand. Go red. The label will be really wordy… like this;

thPJS20M9UTough to read… a little pricier. It’s probably got a little weight behind it/ Don’t know what that means? Who cares. It’s probably all good.

2) Bringing a wine to a party where there is no meal. Bring something between $10 and $15 that has a modern label or name. “Cowboy Red” is a good example of this. It’s probably a new world wine, made for a modern, less sophisticated wine drinker. Safer to drink with lighter fare!! The label will look like this (ish)…


3) Wine to buy if you really hate wine but need to drink it… Naked Grape. Period.

4) Wine to buy for a serious wine drinker if you have no idea about wine. Buy something that has won awards. Or, buy something that has a score of over 90. What does that mean? Doesn’t matter… but make sure the ‘necktie’ that announces the award is still attached and you’ll be fine! Good gift!! Here is an example…


So there you go! Good luck in the wine aisle!! Don’t overthink it! Under a minute – I swear!!



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