what’s better than wine tasting?

If you live in BC you have lots of opportunity to sample wine. Sometimes you can sample it for free. If you show up at Discover wines, even at 11am on Tuesday, you can try a few samples of whatever they are pouring. You can try it at the liquor store, at wineries, at the farmer’s market… and, if you are really a diehard, you can buy a ticket to a wine tasting.

I’ve been to a lot of wine tastings. Like, quite a lot. And after a while, especially if you are attending an annual event, they start to really blur together. And not in the good way if you know what I mean…

This year, instead of going to the Progressive Tasting at the Sun Peaks Wine Festival, we bought tickets to Assemblage! And we didn’t just taste new BC wines, we got to taste them then mix ’em and taste ’em again!!

It. Was. Awesome.

I will explain a bit more about it in another post but I wanted to let you know that that if you have a chance to attend another Okanagan Wine event like it, or a grilled cheese tasting, or a chocolate pairing, that is where you want to put your cash down!

This event was sponsored by Okanagan Crush Pad and I can’t wait to visit them later in the year!

If you consider yourself an intermediate wine drinker this is the kind of event you want to want to be watching for! I’ll be posting them here as I find them. See you there!


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