cork sludge – why you should just drink the wine

So, the other day, this happened….

bad cork

bad cork

See the cork?  That’s the OUTSIDE of the cork. Like the top. On the outsidey part of the bottle. When I removed the foil top on the bottle I discovered this sticky sludge on the outside of the cork. Ewww.  First thought? I wasted a bottle of wine! An fairly pricey one, at that!

I bought this wine over a year ago and it’s been sitting in my wine rack ever since. No one told me to age it and I wasn’t intentionally holding on to it. I bought it for my hubby and we just hadn’t gotten to drinking it. When I bought it, at the lovely winery in Celista, I actually didn’t care for it. It was a bit too dry and peppery for me but I knew he would like it. Apparently, something went wrong in storing it in the months since. I had it on it’s side, in my dining room. There are no heavy duty temperature fluctuations in there… Beats me what went wrong.

So did we drink it? Well, I made him try it first! I don’t know why but it was fine. Thank God!! I googled gross cork sludge and it’s a common symptom of failed cork. Usually the wine would go bad, since wine out means oxygen in. And that makes expensive vinegar. This was good to drink so we went ahead. We are not in the habit of draining $20 worth of wine down the sink.

The real lesson here is not about throwing caution to the wind and flirting with food poisoning. The real lesson is don’t hang on to your wine. It was actually better, had more character and better body when I first tried it. Now it was a bit flat. It didn’t get better with age. And we risked wrecking it completely since we don’t have a proper way to store it.

My advice for intermediate wine drinkers? If you pay less than $40 for the bottle, just drink the shit. The likelihood of it getting any better with age is pretty slim.

Bottling your own. Let it sit for 6 months if you can.

Paying more than $40? Invite me over when you open it!!


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  1. Jocellyn
    Feb 07, 2015 @ 08:57:59

    I always flirt with the idea of getting a wine rack, and then I think “is it really going to last longer than 3 days unopened in this apartment?”

    Liked by 1 person


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