will it affect you now that kamloops grocery stores stay dry?

One of our Kamloops City Councillors put forth a motion to ban the sale of wine in grocery stores within 1 km of liquor stores… or something like that. I didn’t really pay attention to the fine print. It seemed pretty dumb.

That motion went to public hearing and was defeated a few weeks ago. Local wineries were happy, the media took note. Nothing changed.

This past Tuesday our City Council met again and a Councillor asked that the motion be put forth again as she wasn’t comfortable with her vote. It came back. And was defeated this time.  Check out the story here  kam council news.

People are not happy. Wine guys are not happy. Wow, even dogs seem unhappy. But really, they seem unhappy with the process and the re-vote. Seriously, who calls backsies on a municipal bylaw vote?? Side Note: Google Pat Wallace for a chuckle.

Really, in my humble opinion, this is a non-issue if you are a BC-made wine lover in Kamloops. We have no independent, small grocery retailers that would carry wine that you couldn’t drive less than a few blocks to pick up anyways. Our big box grocers would have carried less selection than BCL Signature stores. Why? Because only the big grape producers could have provided them with the volume they required.

So, although I think it was a douche move by council, both unprofessional and tactless (both the original motion and the re-vote were ridiculous – focus Kam Council, focus!) on the part of our City, I don’t think it’s any skin of your nose or mine. We’ll keep trying wines and driving around the corner to buy them. Would it have been nice to grab a bottle on the way home? Sure, but I suspect the majority of my fermented grape juice would have been carried at a better locale anyways.

In closing, we lose nothing as consumers…. and City Council looks pretty silly. Win/Win!!


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