review – calona vineyards sovereign opal 2013

I hate the word Sovereign. It is a speller’s worst nightmare. It has no place in wine labeling. That has nothing to do with wine but I felt I needed to get it out since this is an entirely made up grape.

By ‘made-up’ I mean that Agriculture Canada developed it to grow well in the conditions you would expect in the Okanagan. And it is grown by this family exclusively? I think? I bought it at Discover Wines and the story as told by their employee differs a little from the specs on the winery website. But the website looks like it hasn’t been updated. No one is reliable and honestly, it makes no difference to the taste!


So, this inexpensive VQA white is a rarity. Sovereign Opal actually refers to the grape varietal and isn’t a marketed name. It’s a one varietal wine and it doesn’t look like you can get it from their website but here it is anyways Calona Vineyards.

On to the wine. For a $12 bottle this wine is one I would buy again. It has nice body for a white. It is a little sweet for me to have with dinner but what it lacks in acidity it makes up for in body. BC whites are not known for easy body… that came out wrong.

If you are new to wine this is a good one to try! If you are buying a wine for a gift this is a great one since the grape is exclusive to our area! Does it knock my socks off? Nah. It’s heavy on the apple off the top (hello Okanagan) but has an ok finish for a white. It’s interesting since the wines I tried last year in the Creston area just smacked of cherry and they are the cherry growing capital of Canada. Must leach into the soil!

Don’t serve this wine too cold or you will lose some of that nice flavour!! I’d buy it for a gift but unless there was a really specific foos I was serving I am not sure it would be my go-to wine for another bottle.

All in all? Worth a try!! Buy it to share, it’s not a wine to covet.



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