white whine

It’s been two years now.

Two years of slogging through bottle after bottle and winery after winery. I’ve attended three festivals, two wine tours (maybe three) and participated in a lot (like a LOT) of wine club nights.


Still no go-to white wine for this girl.

What is it about white wine that makes it so hard for me to love? There are lots that I like. But they are always just a little too sweet, a little too perfumey, a little too light or a little too… little.

How do you get a bold, aggressive white without a bunch of oak or a bunch of sugar?

So, I have decided to expand my search. Because, I am too cheap. I’m willing to spend $18 on a bottle of red that I really like but for some reason, I have got it stuck in my craw that a bottle of white should always be cheaper. Clearly, I am wrong about that.

So, I am going to buy 3 $20 bottles in the next month and try those.


I’m looking for suggestions if you have any! I’ll report back here on my results. It’s tough work… keep me in your thoughts!



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  1. Sabina Ramage
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:05:46

    Edge of the Earth Winery in Armstrong has very good white wines that are surprisingly inexpensive compared to other BC wines. They are always at the Vernon Farmers market.

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  2. sipsinthecity
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:36:19

    I’ve been there! I bought half a case of sale wines from him and heard some great stories. Nothing on the white side rang my bells. The hunt continues….



  3. Carmen Fairley
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:51:17

    Have you been to Ovino Winery near Salmon Arm for a tasting? They are located up Salmon River Road, past the settlement of Silver Creek, with good signage all the way. We made an appointment for our visit to Ovino this past Sunday, as other than Easter weekend, they aren’t open for the season until May 20, and we were intent on showing our Australian house guests a good time with a trip to a BC winery! This was our third visit to this winery as we have some favourites that we like to keep on hand at home. Three of the five wines we tasted were whites. “Entice” was already on our shopping list; however, you might find it slightly on the sweet side. Our visitors gifted us with two whites that we had all tasted that they’d bought at Ovino, Pinot Gris and Pinot Tramino. Other than at the winery, Ovino wines can be found at various liquor stores around Salmon Arm and at one place in Kamloops, Stag’s Head Liquor Store, in the new Cityview Shopping Centre where the old highway to Merritt comes into the city.
    For more information: http://www.ovinowinery.com/



    • sipsinthecity
      Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:56:16

      I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ovino Winery and the family that run it! We almost bought their Momento Wine for our wedding in 2013. It’s a marachel foch that they have managed to finish like a gamay! Yum!! But you are right, I do find their wines a bit sweet for my taste. All that stainless steel, perhaps? Great sipping wines, though. I have a bottle of After Five in my wine rack right now!



  4. sipsinthecity
    Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:58:11

    Also, they have some great case lot sales as they clear out space coming up to their harvest season! Watch closely!! I drove to the winery for a case once, just because the deal was so awesome.



  5. Carmen Fairley
    May 05, 2016 @ 07:13:17

    My husband bought TWO cases of wine at Ovino that day! Momento is our absolute fave. The second case was a split between Entice and After Five. I like vanilla ice cream in a dish with a splash of After Five poured on it. Depending on how much wine you add it can look like an ice cream float! The Marachel Foch wasn’t ready on our April 17 visit, but when we were there a year ago our daughter-in-law bought a case of Marachel Foch. She got a real deal as the particular batch had a few wine crystals in it that did not affect the wine adversely, only the appearance slightly (apparently) but they needed to clear it at a low price so if you bought a minimum quantity of other wine you could purchase the crystal affected wine for $5 per bottle! Our kids have since moved from Salmon Arm to Revelstoke, and upon hearing that we’d be visiting Ovino on our way to visit them, our DIL asked me to pick up a bottle of Momento for her! After taking her money for the purchase, my husband took a second bottle from behind his back and gave it to her as a gift for her recently celebrated birthday!



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