review – black cellar cab sav temp

Oh Em Gee… try to find this freaking wine and you will need a drink by the time you are done.

First of all, It’s Peller Estates… but not. It’s bottled in Kelowna, but they don’t have it on their website. You can only buy it at the liquor store but you can barely find it! Crazy!

Thank God it is great! Otherwise, my Uncle Larry, who recommended I seek it out and give it a go, would have been in for a talking to.

This is a flavourful, light-bodied red wine with lots of punch and little sweet. Hooray! I love that it was full of flavour without being a 01 on the sweetness scale! It boast this claim on the bottle and it delivered perfectly.

It’s nice and smooth and has just the right hint of that old vine depth that a Spanish grape like the tempranillo brings with it. I love the mix of that old country depth and dryness, coupled with our new world boldness and fruity forward notes.

This wine is bottled here in BC but made with grapes from all over. Peller Estates is originally an Ontario Winery, with off shoots on both Canadian Coasts. I will admit I haven’t given them a fair shake. This wine will have me exploring more of their offerings for sure.

We just drank this bottle and didn’t really pair it with food, but I can’t think of a single typical BC Summer dinner that I wouldn’t add this bottle on to for good measure. And, at under $15 a bottle it has become an immediate staple in our house!

Good call, Uncle Larry!



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