the cousins do it again – review

Oh, Argentina!

Back when I was new to wine my tastes were quite different from what they are today. Many of the wines or the wineries that I bought consistently don’t make it home anymore. I find those wines either sweet, or simple, or just.. not ‘winey’ enough for me.

The Finca los Primos wines are the exception to that rule. I just keep coming back to these again and again.

This time, it’s this baby…


I am dying for a go-to white that is well priced, dry and has enough flavour and weight that it is sip-worthy. I do not drink wines that you can throw back… This bottle hits the mark and may be my new favourite white!

With a medium body, absolutely no sappy, heavy, oakey (I know that’s not a word) apple/peach taste you get from chardonnay, I have to say this is a great BC wine! From Argentina! By that I mean that you can probably drink this with basically anything you are having for dinner tonight in the height of our beautiful Summer. BBQ? fish tacos? Shrimp? Chicken salad? It’s your wine for all of those!

This wine is light, has good acidity and is flavourful. It’s dry! Hooray! So many whites are too sweet for me that I was starting to lose faith. I absolutely recommend you try this wine. I won’t tell you the price. I want you to be pleasantly surprised!

This is one of our top picks for sure! Cheers!




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