A wine Wednesday and blog milestone find!

While I was drinking wine in the woods a funny thing happened.

I missed my notification that this little blog surpassed the 15,000 visitors mark! To celebrate, I searched the web and came up with this sweet find…

If that was a V neck with cap sleeves I would be all over it! Truthfully, I have only sampled wine before noon twice. Both times on wine tours. But I bet it would start some great conversations, right?

So, with over 15k visits, 100 countries checking in and 4 years of posts what really pops out? Here are some interesting facts…

  • Most viewed post? Review of Sawmill Creek Merlot. It is searched and viewed every single day.
  • Most referrals? Search engines by a mile… Used to be Facebook then it was Pinterest. Now I get a lot of clicks from Google!
  • Over 1000 followers or subscribers now! Yippee!
  • Other very popular posts? Can I die from old wine and making Malbec ice cream. Also the 2015 Kamloops Wine awards we did last year. But by and far, it’s the reviews that are searched the most often. And almost all of the reviews that are popular are for bottles under $20. I’m popular with the poor set!! Or I have a reputation for being cheap? 
  • Canada and the US are nearly neck and neck for visits.
  • I took a year off and still had 3000 views last year!

This blog is free for me to post to and very easy. It’s lots of fun and anyone can do it. If you have ever thought of blogging I encourage you to give it a go. 

Here’s to another 15,000 visits! Cheers!

Ps.. I’ll have another post today as we cracked open a 15 year old bottle last night and I have a lot to gripe about with it… 


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