how far is too far for local?

I am starting to plan for our second annual Kamloops Wine Awards list! It’s very hard work and requires extensive planning, organizing, tasting and note taking. Very, very hard work…

Last year we stuck to our 4 wineries that make up the Kamloops Wine Trail. This year, I am thinking that I would kind of like to expand it. Maybe Fort Berens in Lilooett? Celista? All the way out to Tappen and Sunnybrae??

My reasoning is that those may be places you would take your guests for a little jaunt if you were looking for something to do. But, how far is too far? Do you consider those to be local wineries?

Categories did include best winery to visit and best tasting room experience.  Wines were best patio sipper, best dinner red and the like. I’m not sure the winners would change much from one year to the next without a little shake up! I will be keeping all of the 2015 catagories but would like to add a few for a fresh look.

Feel free to weigh in on what you would like to see in this year’s list! We are excited to start our research! Or, if you have a category idea I would love to hear it too! I’m thinking best wedding wine, best patio, best menu, best winery event??? Really, there are a million great ideas, actually! What would you like to see on the list?



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