Dinner and Wine – a picture book of delicious

I love good food almost as much as I love good wine. And since we are not bazillionaires, if we want good food we have to make it ourselves most of the time.

On top of being not a bazillionaire, I am also obsessively in love with Pinterest. Mostly, I use Pinterest for good. The bad stuff if fun too. 

So, if you are a lover of good food and good wine and other good stuff, I invite you to find me on Pinterest!

You can follow me here Sips Pinterest

Just follow the food and wine boards unless you like crafts and art, too. Or follow the whole dog and pony show! 
Here is a taste of our Pinterest Gold from tonight…

These are Parmesan Chicken Meatballs! Hello!! They were amazing and we paired them with the Pinot Blanc from Evolve. At $15 a bottle this is a fantastic dry, dinner wine. It is well worth the price and a great value. Pinto Blanc is under appreciated in BC. Give it some love!

See you on and around the Boards!


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