The best wines for when Christmas goes wrong

This column appeared in Kamloops This Week December 2016


Along with all the parties and Christmas concerts and cheer, this month can come with a few tense moments as well. Actually, the whole thing can be a bit exhausting and more than a little overwhelming. The good news is, there’s a wine for that! Here are some common catastrophes and the wines that they pair well with;

  1. Navigating the crowds, the traffic and the chaos. All. Day. Long

This calls for a little wind-down time when you get home. Especially after the blast of winter weather we have had. Church and State makes a great white blend called Lost Inhibitions. It’s a nice dry wine and their labels are perfect for this occasion. I chose the wine called ‘I just can’t even.’ Which is exactly how you should reply to any requests your family may make of you after you get home.

  1. You have spent every penny you have but still want to drink wine.

I hear you. This is the perfect reason to have a glass of wine. You are now broke. Congratulations and welcome to the Christmas Club! Raise a glass of the smoky and flavourful Obikwa 2016 Shiraz. It’s $8. You can probably find that laying around if you try hard. Sometimes my daughter saves her tooth fairy money and I’m not opposed to borrowing it if necessary. That’s just a little tip.

  1. Wrapping! Fun for the first four presents, then it gets less so from present five through ninety-nine.

I love wrapping presents, actually. But even if you aren’t a wrapping fan, you can get through it cheerfully by adding the 2015 Fort Berens Riesling to your wrapping supplies. This off-dry white is light and tropical. It is perfect for sipping chilled. And, as a bonus it would make beautiful cocktails and sangrias. Add a little cranberry and pomegranate and a bit of fizz and you could sip this all afternoon easily. Add nothing and you could do the same but I can’t guarantee how straight your ribbons are going to be.

  1. Christmas eve. Coming up on midnight. Still can’t figure out how the Little Tykes Play Kitchen goes together.

I can not stand assembly required gifts. Thank goodness Santa delivers them all ready to play with and perfect on Christmas morning, right? Phew! If Santa needs a little help, I would recommend a fortified Merlot or Foch to sip on while he struggles. These are decadent, heavy and bursting with flavour. Do you like port? You will LOVE a deep fortified red. Many BC wineries are producing these and, in my opinion, they are better than dessert wine and ice wine combined. You can find good examples staring around the $22 mark. Santa will thank you very much for switching out the milk for this. Have you tried Chocolate Wine yet? This is a good bet, too.

Good luck out there, fellow holiday warriors. We can get through this no matter what the season throws at us! The best of the season to you and yours. Cheers!


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