wine of the week – Narrative Red 2015

Oh, age… you are such a funny lady.

Sometimes, as things get older, and they begin to show their age, you start to see the cracks in their foundation. They get a little weaker, a little more tired and a little less than they were.

And sometimes, as time marches on, things only grow into themselves and get stronger and better and more. This wine is a perfect example of what age does right.

Now, this bottle isn’t that old. It’s the latest vintage of this blend. But I tasted it this Summer and was not as happy with it as I was the 2014 version. The 2014 was bright and bold and zingy and very, very BC. This one was darker and almost ashy back when I first tried it. I bought a bottle anyways as I am sure (and you can wander back to the Summer postings to check on me) that I thought it would get better the longer it sat.


Winner!!  Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

When I’m right, I’m right (about 25% of the time at least).

This wine is already nice, just a half a year later. Let me try to lay it out for you.

Do you like jam?


Doesn’t that look good? It is pretty indicative of the flavour you can expect from jam. Many red BC wines are fruity. We grow fruity grapes here. This wine is a blend of Cab Franc, Gamay and Syrah, so it’s going to be fruity. That Syrah? Do you know what it does? It turns jam into this…



Those a oven roasted cherries. Have you ever tried them? They are sweet, smokey, deep and rich. And this wine is all about those deeper, darker, richer notes. But because it’s got the lighter grapes as a base, it’s still drinkable and easy going. It’s like your well heeled cousin.. actually, I can do better than that. It’s like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama! Early on in the movie when she is still all fancy but really, she’s still a sweet, down home gal. This is her.. but in a red wine!

Regardless of whether that makes any sense to you or not, the verdict is that you need to buy and try this wine! The 2014 sold out. So, crack-a-lack. Or she’s going to go back to New York with the Mayor’s son and you will be out of luck! Find it here Narrative Red


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