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Oh, Argentina!

Back when I was new to wine my tastes were quite different from what they are today. Many of the wines or the wineries that I bought consistently don’t make it home anymore. I find those wines either sweet, or simple, or just.. not ‘winey’ enough for me.

The Finca los Primos wines are the exception to that rule. I just keep coming back to these again and again.

This time, it’s this baby…


I am dying for a go-to white that is well priced, dry and has enough flavour and weight that it is sip-worthy. I do not drink wines that you can throw back… This bottle hits the mark and may be my new favourite white!

With a medium body, absolutely no sappy, heavy, oakey (I know that’s not a word) apple/peach taste you get from chardonnay, I have to say this is a great BC wine! From Argentina! By that I mean that you can probably drink this with basically anything you are having for dinner tonight in the height of our beautiful Summer. BBQ? fish tacos? Shrimp? Chicken salad? It’s your wine for all of those!

This wine is light, has good acidity and is flavourful. It’s dry! Hooray! So many whites are too sweet for me that I was starting to lose faith. I absolutely recommend you try this wine. I won’t tell you the price. I want you to be pleasantly surprised!

This is one of our top picks for sure! Cheers!




probably the worst wine i’ve ever had

I have a little secret. Don’t tell Health Canada.

I crack a bottle of wine and leave it open for a long time on my counter. At room temperature. If it’s not fruit fly season I sometimes don’t even recork it. And I always like the wine better after it is old.

It’s like decanting it really lazily! And cheap, young wine loves to get let loose in the air. Magic usually happens and it gets better. But last week something terrible happened instead….

I bought this wine

Fuzion-Chenin-Torrontes-2012And had a glass on, maybe Monday night… I forget. It was not good, not bad, not much. For $8 I was taking my chances anyways. Whatever. I like a glass of white wine with my popcorn while I watch ‘The Good Wife’.

Aanndd.. I left it on the counter.

Tuesday, I tried a glass again after dinner. And it was a whole new yuck. Honestly. It tasted like it had turned. Have you ever had bad home-made wine that sat too long? Me, too! On Tuesday of last week. This stuff turned to a bad apple cider vinegar after being opened a day.

Now, I am no wine expert, but I am sure that things happened on a molecular level like they do to every other wine I buy. So this wine got worse instead of better. Worst, actually. Awful! I am exaggerating a bit, of course. I don’t think it ACTUALLY turned to vinegar. But it got strong, sour and smelled and tasted like warm apple juice at the blood clinic (wink, wink).

So, naturally, I tried it again Wednesday… for, you know, science.

The things I do for you people!

Still apple-piss.

This goes down as my number one don’t-buy of the year! Oh, my white knight… will I ever find you? Am I destined to search the lands for a white wine I love and can afford for all my days to come?

I suppose I can try.

a tale of two wines from across the pond

Have you heard of the reverse wine snob? He’s a great guy. Or guys. Or whatever. It’s a website that reviews economical (cheap) wines only and thinks anything over $20 comes with a snob factor. I am paraphrasing that.

Anyways, I get an email everyday from these guys with a wine review. They are my idols because they seem nice AND wineries give them these wines to try. I buy all the wine we talk about here. Not as fun….

I took a trip to our largest liquor store in search of their top 10 wines to try. Remember, I have said before that it doesn’t matter what a reviewers credentials are. If you like similar wines that’s the main reason to pay attention to his or her opinion. The only way to figure that out is to drink some stuff they write about. So off I went.

Turns out it’s a tough task. First of all, they are from the good ol’ US of A. So I can’t even find a wine from their site in our store. And I looked like a total douche hipster with my smart phone out going up and down the aisles. Fun times.

So I did what all less-than-savvy wine drinkers do. I settled on picking by the label. Kind of.

I noticed that many of the wines selected were from Spain and Italy. So I settled for an Italian Pinot Grigio that had a similarly plain label as many of the wines that were well reviewed on the site. I tried to find a Spanish red I could give a swirl but couldn’t wrap my head around it so I settled for a Malbec from Argentina with a plain label as well.

Short story. Not a fan. The Italian was an okay ride but the Malbec was…. cheap and old tasting. That is a real thing. Old as in not new world… cheap as in not complex. The pinot was well bodied and flavourful. Just not my flava fave… haha.

I guess Mr Reverse Wine Snob and I don’t see eye to eye. I should mention that his under $20 wines are probably over $20 here and maybe that is why I couldn’t find them. Damn taxes. In the mean time I think I will stick to my new world wines and labels meant for me!!

Here’s a pic of my fails!


review – finca los primos torrontes 2012




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Name of the Wine: Finca Los Promos Torrontes               

Country of Origin: Argentina

Year: 2012

Price: $9.99!!!  

Rating: 3.5

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: This wine was not from our wine club. I bought it to share with some girlfriends for a mid-week gab fest!

Comments: I had never had Torrontes wine before and the $10 price tag spoke to me! I bought this wine at the Signature Liquor Store.  It is a medium-bodied white wine that is really, really, aromatic. It has a surprisingly strong bouquet. Bouquet is Winese for smell…. Those snobs. Busy making up a language. Really.

While I was a fan of the body and of the nose (another Winese term) I wasn’t a huge fan of the favour. It’s a perfumey wine. Some people really love the floral, perfumey taste of some white wines. Many cool climate grapes produce these types of flavours. I am not one of those people.

While it was ok for sipping I got a very soapy finish from it. That’s after taste for non-winers. Some people like that too. I am not one of those people either.

I’d be willing to try this wine with dinner but I don’t think it is a sipper. I’ll let you know if it goes great with something one day!

Would I buy this wine again? Yes – but only because it is an okay wine for $9.99. That’s a great price for a wine with body and flavour like this!

finca los primos vs. domaine bousquet smackdown

The lovey dovey feeling of having a bottle of wine left for me by my sweetie has worn off and I am ready to tell you how it tastes! But I’ll say again that he is such a sweetheart first!

My go-to malbec is from Argentina. I love the Finca Los Primos Malbec that you can get at any liquor store. It is fruity, bold (for me) and not too dry. I like it with dinner and by itself. It’s cheap (under $15).

This malbec was a bit different. Dryer, but not much, and not so fruit faced. It was peppery. I would say that would be my sum-it-up word. Peppery. It was around $15 as well but I would be more inclined to have this wine with dinner. It was less of a sipper for me. It was 14% alcohol content as well and I could definitely feel it after one glass! The back of the bottle says they combine French winemaking with the South American Climate.

It was great and I would buy it again. But it isn’t going to replace my go-to malbec… ever!

a little bragging….

When I was leaving work today I received text from my fiance saying there was a treat for me in the kitchen when I got home. He is a shift worker so for a few weeks each month we just kinda cross paths while I work a school day type shift usually and he leaves by 3pm each day. It can be a lonely time… but we appreciate our time together even more after a few weeks like this.

Anyways, I get home today and find a bottle of Argentinian Malbec waiting for me with a little love note! Now this a man that I need to hang on to! The note explains that he had some extra cash after taking metal from our old fence to the recyclers and he WAS going to buy me flowers but thought he should get me a Gamy Noir instead. Every Gamay he found was something he thought I had already tried so he picked this organic red instead.

So I sip! How lucky am I? It’s Domaine BOUSQUET from Mendoza, Argentina. It’s organic, it’s fruity and I love it. But I may be a little love struck so my taste is off!!

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