wine of the year – runner up

Coming in second means you are just the first loser… really. But, that may be my perfectionism talking.

I love our runner-up of the year!! It’s one of my favorite wines and it makes a great gift. I was supposed to write this post over a week ago and this little thing called Christmas got in the way. But this is a great day to tell you to go buy this wine for sipping tomorrow night! Ready to know the name of this little beaut??

It’s Jacob’s Creek Moscato!!!


sweet without the tang


sheer awesomeness in a bottle

This wine is the fashizzit. You can buy it for anyone. If your uncle only drinks chianti and blood maybe steer clear for him. But everyone else is gonna love it. I won’t go on and on about it here. If you need more info search it on the blog. There is a review on here from the summer.

Did I mention it would be great to sip on with appies tomorrow night!


review – the guilty 2010 shiraz

I shouldn’t even tell you about this wine….

Holy rotten grapes, batman. This wine kicks ass!

My dear friend, Nicole – who I think drinks dry French spit, that’s how much we have in common with our wine, left a smidge of this wine here when she left on Saturday.

I am in love….

This is a bold, big, stays with you, sticks to your ribs (not the sides of your mouth) red wine. It is everything a fruity red should be. I love it. Did I say that already?

This nectar of the God’s heralds from Australia. From Victoria, Australia. And the first vines planted on the estate date back to the 1800’s. You can taste the architecture in this wine. Seriously. I don’t know how else to out it. It’s like the 3 little pigs. Some wines are made of straw, or wood, or paper, or feathers. This wine has great bones. You can feel the structure. It is so bold but has no overpowering oaked fuzz-mouth thing that happens sometimes.

You can taste the cherry, the earth, the tobacco… it’s all good. Don’t waste it on food. Just sit with it quietly somewhere and be happy.

At $26 a bottle it is a treat for me. But with just 82 bottles left at the liquor store (use this handy link to find that kind of shit out – I am going to be moseying down on payday to buy 2!

a perfect summer wine…

Name of the Wine: Jacob’s Creek Moscato

Country of Origin: Australia

Year: 2012 (fresh off the press!!)

Price: $13.00

Rating: 5

What made this wine fit our theme for the night?: Our theme was garden greens and this wine was great with all our fresh appetizers!

Comments: Hello Pool Sipper of the Year!! This wine was loved by everyone at the wine tasting! It is a bit bubbly, sweet but not saccharine, very light and full of flavor. It comes in at a 6 on the sweetness scale so it is not a dinner wine. But at 7.2% alcohol you can sip quite a bit of this through the afternoon. Score!!

For $13 it is a really great wine. It’s the best Moscato I’ve ever had by far. We were comparing it to drinking coolers actually and it is that light. If you are new to wine this is a great starter for you! Not a dinner wine… not a dinner wine… not a dinner wine. I can’t say that enough or you are going to be disappointed. It is too sweet for supper. Breakfast? That I could see!!

Would I buy this wine again? Absolutely!!

it’s my anniversary!

I started blogging just 2 months ago! With over 500 visits from nine countries this little web spot has been a happening place! Most popular? Malbec ice cream. No surprise there!

I think I’ll crack a new bottle tonight and review it as an anniversary present to me! Maybe a Wolf Blass? Or I have been saving an Ex Nihilo and a Yellow Tail Bubbles… I have a very special Sandhill Gamay Noir as well.

Man, this is a tough job!


march tasting theme

February is flying by so there won’t be a tasting this month.

I am trying to decide what theme to present for March.

BC wines under $15? Do those exist? Maybe Canadian wines under $15? How can it cost the same to buy a bottle from Australia as it does to buy a bottle made an hour from here? Where are the shipping costs absorbed?

Or maybe we should try to find bottles that are a bit older?

Maybe unusually named wines?

Green on the label? (Go, Irish)

I’ll have to decide soon! We’ll meet again first week of March!

review – LAYER CAKE shiraz

This wine is straight up.It tells you right on the bottle it is 100% shiraz, from South Australia, 2010 vintage and 14.1% alcohol. And that’s just the front label!

Actually, they lay it all out there at the beginning then leave you guessing. Usually you can tell a bit about the wine by reading the back of the bottle. It will tell you what notes to expect and maybe if it was aged in oak or stainless steel. It will give you some suggestions on what to drink it with…. this one? It tells you the story of the guy’s Grandpa.

Now, I love Grandpas… but mine didn’t know a lick about good wine.

The complaining is out of the way. And this is actually a nice wine. It was the most expensive bottle we tried that night – coming in at $25. It was full bodied and not too dry (which is good to me). All in all it came away with 3.7 out of 6.

But I am surprised because most of us really liked it. Just one lady that night thought this was ‘too red’. She gave it a 2. That seems to have brought the score way down. Just one of us thought this was the wine of the night but it was up against some pretty stellar BC wines. I would absolutely recommend this as a great wine for dinner. If you are buying someone a bottle of wine and they are young, or don’t know much about wine, or drink Palm Bays most of the time this is not the wine to start them off with. If you need to bring wine to your girlfriends parents house this should do nicely. You’ll impress your future father-in-law for sure!

In summary – not for first time wine drinkers but if you want something most people will have with their steak this one is a winner!

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