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Mediocre French wine? Non! Say it is not so…

I bought this wine for our February Wine Club meeting. The theme was warm and caozy since we had a pajama party! And we brought back the spa girls for manicures, pedicures and other spa services that night. My niece is an was there with her friends so I bought this as an homage to my sheer awesomeness!

I am so much awesomer than this wine. Darn it. It’s not that there is anything wrong with it. It’s smooth, no bite, not too peppery, not too dry. But what it lacked in mistakes it didn’t make up for on the plus side. It was pretty flat. A light body with little depth and no discernible flavours.

Pinot Noir is not a grape known for it’s personality. But I’ve had much, much better ones than this. At about $14 you can do much better for you euro!

This is a fail.




wine of the week – when does finish become after taste??

Since I am admitting to myself that I may not be consistent with exactly which day of the week I’ll get to sampling a new wine, I’ve decided that we’ll have a wine of the week instead of Friday wines!

Unfortunately, my inaugural choice was a total bust. Ever had this?

365940I bought it on sale for $9.99 at the BC Liquor Store. Annndd.. I wasted my money. This is bad, bad wine. Normally, I try not to be really harsh in my reviews but I am dead positive no one from Chile is going to read this so I will be honest with you and tell you to never buy this wine. If you are intermediate wine drinker you will think this is turpentine. If you are a beginner wine drinker you will switch to beer.

Best thing about it? It didn’t suck as badly when it was colder. Worst thing? A weird chemical-fume feeling in your mouth after you drank it. And that’s pretty bad.

Honestly, if you are just starting out drinking wine I can assure you that this is everything that is wrong about wine. It is harsh, one-dimensional, chemically. You can’t taste anything really. This is like hooch. It gets the job done. There is no finesse involved.  Good wine is complex, smooth, has a rhythm… There is a beginning, complex middle and end. It makes you smile. The Frontera 2014 Pinot Grigio is none of these things.

Unfortunately, many new wine drinkers end up with a wine like this to start. It’s inexpensive, looks approachable and trendy and is widely available. And Pinot Grigio is widely known, even if you don’t know what it means. And I’m afraid that many of the people that try this as their first wine will never return to our club!

In summary. buy a different wine. That is all.

on being a total wine slut and a few baseball analogies

I am not a baseball fan… but I know what ‘batting 1000’ means. I wish I knew enough to know what the opposite of that was. Batting zero? Is that a thing? Because if it is I am dominating the field in batting zero on wine choices.

I am a wine slut. I drink around… I am not monogamous. Oh, I have a few ports I visit more than once but on the whole I am looking for one night stands with my wine. This means that I usually buy a different wine each time I pop into the liquor store. And lately, I am ending my evenings disappointed and alone.

I haven’t picked a good wine in two months. With one exception – the Oh La La Pinot Grigio which we both loved.

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I am buying in my usual price range, kind of. I usually buy in the $12 price range but admit I have bought a few ‘sale bottles’ as well. I am buying from my ‘go-to’ countries, Chile, Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand, US. I am drinking them the same way with the same foods. I haven’t had any weird sicknesses. I just have had no luck with finding a wine I love, or even, like, enough to buy again any time soon.

What is your go-to wine?? Where am I going wrong? I feel like that twenty-something girl that wakes up in the bathroom of a friend’s house on a Sunday morning beside some guy she doesn’t know. She decides she just can’t keep doing this. She needs to clean up her act and get her life straight. She knows her Mom would be so disappointed if she could see her like this. Wine is letting me down right now… sigh.

I need to start hanging out with better wines. These ones are bringing me down…


probably the worst wine i’ve ever had

I have a little secret. Don’t tell Health Canada.

I crack a bottle of wine and leave it open for a long time on my counter. At room temperature. If it’s not fruit fly season I sometimes don’t even recork it. And I always like the wine better after it is old.

It’s like decanting it really lazily! And cheap, young wine loves to get let loose in the air. Magic usually happens and it gets better. But last week something terrible happened instead….

I bought this wine

Fuzion-Chenin-Torrontes-2012And had a glass on, maybe Monday night… I forget. It was not good, not bad, not much. For $8 I was taking my chances anyways. Whatever. I like a glass of white wine with my popcorn while I watch ‘The Good Wife’.

Aanndd.. I left it on the counter.

Tuesday, I tried a glass again after dinner. And it was a whole new yuck. Honestly. It tasted like it had turned. Have you ever had bad home-made wine that sat too long? Me, too! On Tuesday of last week. This stuff turned to a bad apple cider vinegar after being opened a day.

Now, I am no wine expert, but I am sure that things happened on a molecular level like they do to every other wine I buy. So this wine got worse instead of better. Worst, actually. Awful! I am exaggerating a bit, of course. I don’t think it ACTUALLY turned to vinegar. But it got strong, sour and smelled and tasted like warm apple juice at the blood clinic (wink, wink).

So, naturally, I tried it again Wednesday… for, you know, science.

The things I do for you people!

Still apple-piss.

This goes down as my number one don’t-buy of the year! Oh, my white knight… will I ever find you? Am I destined to search the lands for a white wine I love and can afford for all my days to come?

I suppose I can try.

poor cousins… review of sawmill creek dry red

If you read this blog even occasionally you likely know that one of my top picks of last year was Sawmill Creek Merlot.

Bang for buck this wine is a fantastic value. It’s a good, old-fashioned table wine. In other countries this would be a $5 bottle.. in Canada we pay much more… but that is a whole other topic.

On to the dry red. Same wine guys, same price range, same, same, same. Usually, when I am trying a *cough, cheaper, cough* I am inclined to like the blended wines better than the stand-alones. New to wine? Blends are wines that are made from more than one kind of grape. Like, shiraz and merlot grapes all mushed up together. And they usually work out great! So did this Sawmill Creek Dry Red, that has all sorts of win column entries behind it, live up to my expectations?

Big nope. This dry red is flat. Weak bodied and lacking any depth, I was very surprised based on how much I like their Merlot. Did I spit it out? Nope. Did it have any character? Did it get Kevin and I talking? Would either of us buy it again? Even in a pinch in the middle of nowhere with 6 wines to choose from? Nope to that, too.

I read on a wine blog (a successful one) once that you should always try to say nice things about the wines you review. And I have read lots of those kinds of reviews. In fact, I see very few bad reviews of wines. But since I am not a successful wine blogger, and I am far too honest to ever be anything more than amateur I just can’t seem to keep the less flattering pieces out of my reviews. I can think of one thing this wine delivered on though…. so here is the best thing about Sawmill Creek Dry Red.

It was actually red.

The end.

review – mommessin beaujolais nouveau 2013

wow, that’s a mouthful. Really? If I had to talk about a wine or recommend a wine publicly this one would be off the list just because it is a tongue twister mouthful.

But how does it taste?? Umm. ok. I was a little disappointed. As I’ve come to appreciate more about wines I am less impressed with these really new, tart, quick ones. That’s how I would describe it. Quick. The flavour is there and gone. There is not a lot of depth. Watered down? It French rekind of tastes that way.

Are you a newbie and have no idea what that name means? It means that this is a Gamay Noir(that’s a kind of grape) wine from 2013. The French name their wines by region. We Canucks name them by grape (usually) or by sarcasm. So this is a new, French red.


I spun it around it is has a label full of nothing useful. No pairings, no tasting notes, no wine info. It talks about France. Not helpful. Sometimes they give you no info because they are fancy enough that you shouldn’t need it. Like stores that have no prices. I don’t shop at those stores. Sometimes, though, they give you no info because it’s a table wine. It’s meant to be slurped, not sipped. And they don’t care too much about you buying it again. I think we have a case of the latter here.

It was around $14. Kevin picked it up as I was home with the start of a cold. First pay day wine of the year. Would I recommend it? Nope.

Here’s looking forward to next payday!

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