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crystals in your wine glass. Good or bad?

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wine thursday or any day DT is still president

I missed wine wednesday. Then I spent the afternoon home with my daughter today. In my free time I got sucked into twitterville. And I got engaged with a twat.. I mean twit, over Trump’s new stance on protecting LGBTQ kids in schools. So, I have logged out of twitter and all I can think of now is this…


If ever there was a need to drink on weeknights, it is the 4 weeks that this trainwreck has been barreling along.

I didn’t even know he made wine. Now, more than ever, it’s a good time to buy BC wine. Make America sane again. Please.

*politics and opinion. Usually you should avoid them online and when you schlep a product, lest you offend a potential customer or employer. I don’t. I stand proudly here for any LGBTQ kid that needs an ally. You are not alone.


Wine of the week…¬†

Sorry, everyone. I’m on week 2 of this vintage….

Soon we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I hope….

Kamloops vodka on the way!

Learning about the dirt 

At the Sun Peaks wine festival! 

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