fort berens riesling – brightest and best

Fort Berens Estate Winery is situated in Lilloett, BC. Super nice people, great tasting room and really nice wine!!

Last night we cracked into the Riesling to have with our teriyaki chicken and sautéed veggies. It was the perfect match. Here is some food porn for you…

Teriyaki Chicken with veggies. To serve with our Riesling!

Teriyaki Chicken with veggies. To serve with our Riesling!

First of all, the wine wakes you up the second you breathe it in. I can’t remember the last time I experienced a wine so bright when you smelled it! It is awesome!

As for the taste of it… equally bright. Very citrusy with a nice body and light finish. Perfect for dinner. And if you just wanted a sipping wine, a cool drink in a restaurant with the ladies, this would be perfect for that, too!

All in all, this wine is a win! It’s a beautiful spot. You can find out more about visiting them at Enjoy!


I can assure you I have not given up on the vino!

Hi everyone,

I am back! I have had to take a hiatus from the wine reviews while doing a little ‘lite chemo’ which affected my sense of taste and appetite and all that other fun stuff. Today was my last treatment (for now) so I am ready to get cracking!

For the Summer, I drank from the big boxes of wine you get from the back of the liquor store. And there is nothing wrong with that! But, it’s not great reading for the rest of you. We toured some wineries, more on that later, and attended some events. In all honesty, my head was not really in it. But I missed this blog, and all of you that send comments and questions. So, here we are. Hope you are still here… Just so this has a little wine in it at least.. here is a pic of my go-to box wine here in BC. It was good before stuff tasted funny so I know it’s a keeper! It’s cheap and has flavour. In fact, it’s the reason we stopped doing U-brew reds!!


Talk to you tomorrow!  Cheers!

update on the home brew twisted mist tutorial

I just wanted  you to know that after a little confusion on the part of the U Brew staff our margaritas and pink lemonade are percolating away! We re set to bottle them just before the wedding, I think.

Here’s how the first stage goes down…

1. Call to make an appointment to ‘pitch your yeast’. That is Ubrewese for starting your moonshine.

2. Pop in at your designated time and they will be all ready for you and you take a minute and throw your yeast in the vat.

3. Wait until it’s time to bottle your hooch. These kits take five weeks. Some take eight weeks. Some six. This one is five. We made our bottling appointment while we were there.

4. Collect bottles. It is way cheaper if you have your own bottles.If you are planning to bottle some wine here is a great little nugget for ya’. Try to get corked bottles. Not all screw top bottles can be corked with the easier corker and some not at all. Just save bottles that had a cork in them to start if you can! You will need about 29 bottles.

5. To be continued!


coming soon – twisted mist winemaking tutorial

I have decided to make some Twisted Mist Margaritas and Pink Lemonade!

We made these ‘wine beverages’ once before a few years ago. I won a set through an online auction and we have finished them finally. At first I wasn’t super happy with them. There is a bit of a fake or chemically taste to them… but then we got our new fridge. Our fancy new fridge has crushed ice that comes right out of heaven and through a little hole in the front of our fridge. It is a miracle!

Once the margarita is well chilled and served over a whole glass of crushed ice it is a great poolside drink! A kit makes about 29 bottles and costs $135. That is less than $5 a bottle and there are about four glasses in a bottle. Cheaper than coolers by far!!

Don’t confuse the Twisted Mist kit with Island Mist wine kits. I won one of those once – take note of the slight auction addiction – and I would never, ever spend money on that garbage again.

It takes five weeks from the time you start the kit until you bottle so I should have done this a month ago. Oh well, better late than never!

review – twisted mist strawberry margarita

Last year we bought a Twisted Mist Margarita kit on a silent auction site. The company let us split it between lime and strawberry so we have 14 bottles of each. That was a year ago and we still have some. That should tell you something right there!

It’s ok. Now that we have a new fridge that throws up crushed ice whenever we want it is funner to drink! It’s a wine based margarita and you don’t really taste any strawberry…. you just don’t taste any lime. It does have a bit of a chemical aftertaste… but it is drinkable!

It’s a lot, A LOT, better than the Island Mist crap we made a few years ago after winning it at some other charity thing we were doing. That was just awful. Watery and tasteless, chemically and just yucky.

All in all this is a pretty good cheap cooler. It should work out to around $4-5 a bottle to make it yourself. Coolers are about $3 each in the liquor store so this is about half the price. But it tastes about that cheap, too. You decide!

review – sola ~ nero

I am trying to find a cheap wine that passes my test.

And by cheap I mean about $6 per bottle.

We are getting married this summer and as the guest list keeps growing we really need to keep it simple. We talked about making the wine at our U-brew joint… which costs us about $4 a bottle. Both of us have become a bit disenchanted with our u-brew bottles of late, though. It was all well and good for a while but I really don’t care for it at all. And although our families aren’t the pickiest drinkers on the planet (read that as we are all happy to indulge no matter the drink) I don’t want to serve them nail polish remover.

SO tonight we went to our local BC Liquor store and checked the prices. We could get some cheap wine for the equivilant of $7 a bottle on sale. I am sure there will always be something around that price so we are in no rush to grab four cases this week. Tonight we bought two to try and cracked open the Sola White to eat with perogies and sausage.

This wine was a ’00’ from BC. But it is not a BC wine. Ha! Tricky business. Just because a wine is ‘made’ in BC doesn’t mean the grapes in the bottle were grown in BC. This wine is made from domestic and international grapes. That probably means California but I am just guessing. We paid $7.59 for the bottle.

It chats away on the label about being inspired by the sun and pleasure all around. It also says it’s delicate and round. Those two terms seems like opposites to me.

I would say it is flavourful, fruity and sweet. Not port sweet but a bit sweet compared to others. It is a bit oaked and reminds me of Chardonnay. It is actually similar to the Pinot Gris we make at the U-brew but a bit more full bodied. It is not a complex wine. It has no finish… but it doesn’t have the sharp bite that our U-brew seems to have that we are disliking so much.

Is it our wedding wine? Nope. Is it an ok wine? Kinda.

I think you are getting what you pay for here. And I would rather spend $2 more and get a lot more bang for my buck.

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