a little price throw down.. save on vs bcl

I was curious to see how the prices at Save On compared to the BC Liquor store.Will having another wine retailer change the price of the BC VQA wine we can purchase here in Kamloops?

So, being curious, capable and a bit sneaky, I set out today to do a little spy work. And what I found was surprising!

I checked five BC VQA wines at random at the Signature Liquor Store in Sahali. Then, I walked across the parking lot and checked the same five wines at Save-On.

Here are my results. I have laid them out very professionally and using high tech methods, as you can see…

See? Super flashy, right? The pictures are from the Government store and the fancy, orange writing are the prices at Save On Foods today. The skinny of it is that in all but one instance, Save On was cheaper than the liquor store. Both of those prices exclude the tax and bottle deposit.

Will Save On stay cheaper? That remains to be seen. And they always have their case deal on top of these prices.

The verdict? Having another wine retailer is good for Kamloops grape lovers!


The Sips Wine List is updated!

I have finally got around to adding 30 bottles that are hit or miss to the wine page! Here is the link…

wine shopping list

This is just a quick list that is literally a buy it, skip it, try it snapshot of wines we have tried.

It’s meant to help you when you are out trying to find a wine. Bookmark it and take it to the store with you. Every wine on the list can be searched and a full review can be found on here as well if you would like more info. The first 30 are up and the next 30 are on deck…

I promise to keep it more updated for you!


a great little video on weird wine words

I came across this cute little video on how to pronounce some of the wine world’s worst words!

food beast wine names


Some of these are wines I’ve never even heard of! Now I have homework.. if I know the word I have to find a way to use it, right?



best dad’s day wines for 2016

So, you are thinking that maybe your dear old Dad would like some wine for Father’s Day? Well, it beats a fish tie every day of the week, so good for you!

Even if your Dad has a favorite wine it may be better to give him something a little extra special this year. Here are two wines I think are pretty cool and they are both from BC!


This is a dessert wine from Lang Vineyards in Naramata. It is the bomb! They actually make a red and a white version. Why is it so special? IT’S A MAPLE WINE!! As in, it has Canadian maple syrup in it! And I think that is pretty neat.

On top of being neat, it tastes great and is a real treat. Dessert wine is also fantastic because a little goes a long way. This one os particularly awesome because it rings in around the $20 mark. Buy all your Dads a bottle. Buy it for your uncles and grandpas, too!

Next pick?



Monte Creek makes a new boxed wine, Giddy Up! It’s great! I like it better than their Hands Up Red, actually. It’s a great dinner wine and the box rings in around $33. This is also a wine that would go a long way. And it’s new and it’s local and it’s not the kind of wine that’s going to put anyone off. It’s a nice middle of the pack wine with lots of punch and not so heavy that you need to pair it carefully.

Any Dad would probably like to get their own little Giddy Up for Father’s Day! Who doesn’t need some extra Giddy Up, right?

I hope your Dad has a terrific day this Sunday! And if you are a Dad, or you are my Dad, sit back and relax and enjoy a glass of wine on your special day! You are a special guy!


white whine

It’s been two years now.

Two years of slogging through bottle after bottle and winery after winery. I’ve attended three festivals, two wine tours (maybe three) and participated in a lot (like a LOT) of wine club nights.


Still no go-to white wine for this girl.

What is it about white wine that makes it so hard for me to love? There are lots that I like. But they are always just a little too sweet, a little too perfumey, a little too light or a little too… little.

How do you get a bold, aggressive white without a bunch of oak or a bunch of sugar?

So, I have decided to expand my search. Because, I am too cheap. I’m willing to spend $18 on a bottle of red that I really like but for some reason, I have got it stuck in my craw that a bottle of white should always be cheaper. Clearly, I am wrong about that.

So, I am going to buy 3 $20 bottles in the next month and try those.


I’m looking for suggestions if you have any! I’ll report back here on my results. It’s tough work… keep me in your thoughts!


hot wine and cool nights

Hey loyal wine homies!!

I am so sorry it’s been a long, long time since I posted anything. I can assure you I have not stopped sampling vino. I was shopping the blog out to partners for a print gig. But… here I am! Back on the interwebs!! Maybe another year, yes?

So, in the middle of Summer, after all the things we’ve already explored, the best thing I can think of to chat about is temperature. For those of you not in British Columbia you may not be aware that it is hot as monkey balls here this Summer.

Across the province there are drought warnings, forest fires and dog-in-hot-car confrontations. It’s very stressful! So you should drink wine if you live here because that really helps!

White wine should be served cold and red wine served room temperature, right? Not for you and I my saucy (sauced) friend! I found this great infographic that explains it simply but with great details.

wine temps infographBetter? Your fridge is probably around 3-4 degrees. So, if you leave a bottle of white in the fridge until you are ready to drink it you will be serving it too chilled. It should be quite a bit warmer. Red can only be served at room temperature in the Spring or Fall, kind of. I keep my house around 20 degrees or so. Always too warm for wine. It needs to go in the fridge or on ice for a bit.

And for those of you who value looking like a wine snob this is great trivia to toss out as you pour!

So, even if you followed the twenty minute rule (whites out and reds in the fridge for twenty minutes before serving), it’s really dependent on the ambient temperature. And for really great wine, it pays to have that ice bucket on the table.

Now, we can’t talk wine temp in the Summer without talking about buying it and getting it home. It’s bad, bad, bad to leave babies, dogs, old people, ice cream, raw chicken and ESPECIALLY WINE in your car if it is warm out. It’s going to wreck the wine (and your dependents) if they spend any time sitting in your car when it’s warm.

When we toured the Naramata Bench last year in August we bought two bags of ice after the third stop to keep our wine safe as we continued our day. (Hello drunk at 10am – how did that happen?) I’m so glad I thought about the ice around 9:30. But your wine last or on a separate trip if you are planning to be out for the whole day.

That’s it! First post in six month! Thanks for the 11,000 views so far! You guys are awesome!

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