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Things are hopping here at sips!

I am so excited to be partnering with Kamloops This Week!

Today was the first of a biweekly column on wine tasting, wine learning and wine exploring! It’s great to have a broad local audience here, joining the nearly 1000 followers from all over the world that visit the blog regularly! The print column will feature information articles and reviews. The funnier, riskier and downright inappropriate stuff will remain here. Don’t worry, we will still poke fun at ourselves and others.

If you are new to the blog you can find lots of reviews by looking through the tags on the right. If you are looking for a particular wine use the search tool. There are three years worth of posts, pictures, recipes and more on here!

One of the most popular posts is how to make Malbec Ice Cream.

Another is the 2015 Kamloops Wine Awards.

Feel free to ask questions via comments or share your favourite wine with me. I am in search of a great dinner white right now and have had no luck finding a great one at a great price. I am cheap so that is like $12…

Thanks for popping by! You can find us on twitter and facebook, too. And feel free to subscibe.

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red or white… carbs or calories??

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q and a – $1000 splurge

As my wine rack thins out and I am thinking we are in need of a little stocking up I sat and pondered the age old question today…. am I cheap?

Well, maybe I am not cheap… just thrifty. It’s born in me. If it has a sale tag I can’t help but look twice. In fact, I think I may have some built in radar that finds things on sale. And I hate, hate, hate buying things at full price. My Grandma was like a sale terrorist in Zellers back in her day so I am sure that is where it comes from.

Back to the wine rack….

So I got to thinking, given $1000 to spend in a liquor store how would I spend it? Would I try to buy as much as possible? Buy some thrifty and some splurgey wines (I know splurgey is not a word, btw, as my autocorrect and I just fought several times to keep it that way).

I came to the conclusion that I err on the side of thrift. I’d like bang for my buck. But I wouldn’t load up on babyduck. I would love to splurge. But to me that is around the $30 mark. The rest would be $15-$20 wines. But I would like to be scoring a deal there too. And how do you do that?

You find a wine that tastes like it costs twice as much, that’s how! The National Post is going to start a column on good value wines. They started with a list here http://life.nationalpost.com/2013/10/04/welcome-to-best-buys-in-b-c/ and you can google lots of top 10 lists. Or you can go through our wine list. It will all depend on your tastes. Once you find a critic you can agree with more often than not keep checking back with them. The National Post list seems to contain a lot of Spanish wines. I haven’t had much luck with Spanish wine but I am willing to give it a try.

This guy reviews wines every day and seems like my kind of wine snob http://www.reversewinesnob.com/ but he is in the US and his price points are way off from here – spoiler alert!

Regardless of how you find your wine my question to you is…

$1000… splurge or spend thriftily?

monday q&a – heavy on the q

Today’s question is for you! With over 4000 views, the newspaper column in the grave and the horizon clear and wide I am questioning what my next step is…. what do you like about the blog. The Friday funny? The reviews? The info on how wine is made and how to drink it without being a putz?

Shoot me some info… I got my first offer for a sponsored post and I owner if I should be doing some sponsored reviews…. hmmm.. what to do? Let me know what you like best and I’ll try to accommodate!

In the meantime I will tell you that the Sawmill Creek dry white is like drinking liquid soap. Save your $10 for toothpaste…. cheers!

monday q&a – half corked

This week our question comes from me instead of to me…. And I asked John from Privato Winery for the answer.

I’ll probably ask this question again. A lot of times. Because I suspect I’ll get a different answer from each wine guy.

I attended the Privato Open House last weekend and I’ll have a full update with pictures later on but I did ask John why he uses cork when he bottles his wine. And I am talking real cork – not that plastic stuff that looks like cork.

I think I surprised the guy…. but he was gracious in answering my dumb questions.

His reply was basically that real cork is the only thing that allows oxygen into the wine bottle. So if you let the bottle sit for five years you’ll see the effects of that process as well as the mellowing of the oak flavours and all the other science and art that goes into¬†making wine. If you box it or bottle it with a screw top you lose out on that part of the aging process. For some wines, like the ones you buy that taste the same year after year, you wouldn’t want or need aging like that to take place. So you would slap a screw top on it and call it a sale!

John doesn’t make that kind of wine… this guys eyes light up when he talks about his wine. He’s living his dream! And using real cork to bottle it up!

monday q&a – without the q

So… I usually post a question and answer on Mondays. But due to the wedding and summer and long weekends with holiday Mondays and general laziness on my part things have been a little slow around here. And without blabbing away on the interwebs I haven’t garnered much correspondence. So I actually have no question today. And I have no one to blame but myself. If I was picky I would blame you all… it’s up to you to ask me dumb questions so I can ask them for you! Get it together!!

Feel free to send some questions to me. Especially anything you are embarrassed to ask. I am doing a few private tours of local wineries in the next few weeks and would love a few awful questions to ask!! Please fire away and I’ll ask on your behalf and report back.

So far I plan to ask about corks versus screw tops, why do you oak or skip the oak and when do you harvest… if you have any other wonderings pass them along!!

Next week I will be exploring the corking fee at 3 local restaurants and reporting back to you!

In the meantime here are a few miscellaneous winey thoughts I have….

1) I am drinking a Pinot Grigio tonight and it’s pretty watered down. Time to peg down my go-to white.

2) Back in the beginning of time, like, when New Kids On The Block were first touring, I liked white wines. Then I switched to all red. Now I am back on the whites. Can you drink white wine after labour day or is it like clothing?

3) I need to attend more wine events. But they are either mega pricey, mega far away or mega underadvertised. What to do????

4) I should have picked Superstitions as our wine theme for this month as our tasting is on \Friday the 13th. Missed the boat on that one. Maybe bad luck??

5) We got our 200th like, first solicitation for guest posting and an invitation to a winery this week. Things are mighty fine!! (ps – I said no to the guest post… I need to come up with a disclaimer and some rules before we accept any product gratis)

6) I’ll be launching a virtual wine club here this week!! Very exciting business!! whoop, whoop!!

And that is all she wrote!

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