a yummy ittle pinterest find


Look what I found on Pinterest… Doesn’t that look yummy? As a cancer survivor I avoid Fresca but I am sure pink grapefruit pop would work just as well and leave out the aspartame!! Here is the link http://pinterest.com/pin/498351514986833321/


a simple cream cheese spread to serve with wines

This simple spread I made last night was a huge hit. Because my wine-night assignment was ‘garden green’ I wanted something that was made with fresh herbs. I served it with whole wheat baguette rounds and it was the perfect compliment to our ‘greeny’ wines!

1 brick of cream cheese (go ahead and use no-name stuff)

4 big leaves of basil chopped very finely

1/4 cup of purple onion chopped very finely

1 Tbsp lime juice

combine it all together and let it chill for about an hour. Your guests will love it!



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