Comfort Wine.. In a white, no less!

If you have been reading along even sporadically you probably know I am struggling with a go-to white wine.

I’m not a big ‘special occasion’ wine drinker. Well, probably I am, but I don’t worry too much about which wine I will choose for a special occasion because I like lots of wines I can’t really afford. Buying any one of them makes for a special occasion. Maybe I am cheap… I should sit and think about that over a glass of wine.

Anyways, I have really struggled to find a regular old white wine I can comfortably afford to drink on a Tuesday and actually really like.

Ta Da!! I have found the holy grail of white table wines! Meet…


Cono Sur Bicicleta 2014 Viognier. This is some good, good squished up grapes.

First, I just love these wines. Cono Sur has been making stand-up wine for a long time. You can’t go wrong with these wines, really. They are all a good value and well suited to a new-world wine drinker. Second, viognier is a solid-ass grape that is under-recognized. You should try lots of these wines this year. Make it your go-to sample wine when you explore wineries and tastings! Then, compare it to some pinot blanc. That’s another unsung hero in BC wine.

Back to Tuesday night. This is a great table wine. I wish table wine was $7 a bottle in BC but alas, we have far too many levels of government for that. However, this is cheap. Like, around $10-$12 a bottle. So, stock up and keep it chilled for when you barely made it through the work day!

Hooray for you, super hero! Here’s to Tuesday!



Review – A french lady right here in BC

Ooh lala… I just loveĀ  a great French wine!

If you aren’t all into the nerdy part of wine loving then you may not know about new world and old world wines. Basically, it’s this; if a country was once ruled by a tyrannical King or Queen and used to behead people and have knights and folklore and such, they make old world wine. If a country was discovered and settled, then fought over by said Kings and Queens, then it makes new world wines. Roughly… that’s a pretty good rule of thumb for wine buying though.

So, we make new world wines here in Canada. And I really like new world wines. But there is something about the wine made from the grapes of those old, old vines that we won’t capture here for decades. Unless….

At the tail end of August we stopped at Larch Hill Winery in Salmon Arm. They are far up the hill and way out of your way. Who cares. You have to go. If only to try this one, unique, amazing wine.

You can steal this bottle at $13.79. Yes, that was correct. Thirteen seventy nine. It is worth buying a case of this stuff. Ready to know what it is? It’s Mad Angie.

Named for it’s varietal, Madeleine Angevine, or Mad Angie for short, this is a powerful white wine that will seriously please even the more discerning wine drinkers in your crowd. It’s got SO MUCH FLAVOUR! It is dry and crisp like a reisling, but bursting right out of the glass with curvy, sexy body.

Is it possible to have the body of an oaked chardonnay without any of the oak or chardonnay that makes that wine so, well, gaggy? Larch Hills has done it. Solid, packed to the rim with personality and still dry enough for dinner, this is going to become your new go-to white wine. And did I mention the price? Perfection.


This wine is rated a 0 (zero) which means it’s full on dry. But, truly, it’s got to have just made the cutoff. It is a little on the sweeter side of dry. It’s like a shoulder wine! It smells peachy and tropical but is crisp in your mouth. Just buy it.

The only problem? I couldn’t find a place in Kamloops that sells it. The solution? Their winery is open daily until December!

Watch for the column in Kamloops This Week on Thursday for tips on visiting wineries. Then make plans to haul ass to Salmon Arm!


how to dump a good bottle of wine down the toilet…

Let me share the story of my Pinterest fail.

I have wanted to make wine jelly for two years but busyness and laziness got in the way. Yesterday, in a flurry of hominess, I decided to get it done.

I used a Sav Blanc I had in the fridge. I added the sugar, brought it to a boil and added the pectin. 

Boil away….

And then, after a minute, you are supposed to skim off the foam. First clue that this was going South? No foam. But I kept plugging along.

I added fresh herbs from my garden and poured the wine mix into the jars. Also, the herbs floated right to the top which looked lame and nothing like Martha’s jelly. That bitch.

So then you wait for that magic ‘pop’ that says you won’t kill people with botulism or zika virus or whatever and I was so excited because I got all four pops!

But this morning? This ain’t jelly. It’s…

white wine sweet soup?

sugared wine syrup with wilted herbs?

a pinterest fail.

Bye, bye white wine. I should have just drank the shit.

That’s what my lovely friend would have opened up and seen. My wilted, soupy love for her…. expressed with kindness and this precious hand made gift. 

The good news is, I am relentless in my pursuit of success. So screw you, canning fairy. I am going to nail this one way or the other. 

It’s 8:20am on Sunday. Where do Iget a cheap bottle of wine at this hour? I’m thinking the Catholic Church but that seems like a risky plan. I’ll keep you posted.

edit: Ijust realized it’s Saturday morning! haha. Three cheers for SUmmer holidays! Maybe I’ll go to the farmer’s market and drown my sorrows in little wine samples.

the cousins do it again – review

Oh, Argentina!

Back when I was new to wine my tastes were quite different from what they are today. Many of the wines or the wineries that I bought consistently don’t make it home anymore. I find those wines either sweet, or simple, or just.. not ‘winey’ enough for me.

The Finca los Primos wines are the exception to that rule. I just keep coming back to these again and again.

This time, it’s this baby…


I am dying for a go-to white that is well priced, dry and has enough flavour and weight that it is sip-worthy. I do not drink wines that you can throw back… This bottle hits the mark and may be my new favourite white!

With a medium body, absolutely no sappy, heavy, oakey (I know that’s not a word) apple/peach taste you get from chardonnay, I have to say this is a great BC wine! From Argentina! By that I mean that you can probably drink this with basically anything you are having for dinner tonight in the height of our beautiful Summer. BBQ? fish tacos? Shrimp? Chicken salad? It’s your wine for all of those!

This wine is light, has good acidity and is flavourful. It’s dry! Hooray! So many whites are too sweet for me that I was starting to lose faith. I absolutely recommend you try this wine. I won’t tell you the price. I want you to be pleasantly surprised!

This is one of our top picks for sure! Cheers!



best dad’s day wines for 2016

So, you are thinking that maybe your dear old Dad would like some wine for Father’s Day? Well, it beats a fish tie every day of the week, so good for you!

Even if your Dad has a favorite wine it may be better to give him something a little extra special this year. Here are two wines I think are pretty cool and they are both from BC!


This is a dessert wine from Lang Vineyards in Naramata. It is the bomb! They actually make a red and a white version. Why is it so special? IT’S A MAPLE WINE!! As in, it has Canadian maple syrup in it! And I think that is pretty neat.

On top of being neat, it tastes great and is a real treat. Dessert wine is also fantastic because a little goes a long way. This one os particularly awesome because it rings in around the $20 mark. Buy all your Dads a bottle. Buy it for your uncles and grandpas, too!

Next pick?



Monte Creek makes a new boxed wine, Giddy Up! It’s great! I like it better than their Hands Up Red, actually. It’s a great dinner wine and the box rings in around $33. This is also a wine that would go a long way. And it’s new and it’s local and it’s not the kind of wine that’s going to put anyone off. It’s a nice middle of the pack wine with lots of punch and not so heavy that you need to pair it carefully.

Any Dad would probably like to get their own little Giddy Up for Father’s Day! Who doesn’t need some extra Giddy Up, right?

I hope your Dad has a terrific day this Sunday! And if you are a Dad, or you are my Dad, sit back and relax and enjoy a glass of wine on your special day! You are a special guy!


white whine

It’s been two years now.

Two years of slogging through bottle after bottle and winery after winery. I’ve attended three festivals, two wine tours (maybe three) and participated in a lot (like a LOT) of wine club nights.


Still no go-to white wine for this girl.

What is it about white wine that makes it so hard for me to love? There are lots that I like. But they are always just a little too sweet, a little too perfumey, a little too light or a little too… little.

How do you get a bold, aggressive white without a bunch of oak or a bunch of sugar?

So, I have decided to expand my search. Because, I am too cheap. I’m willing to spend $18 on a bottle of red that I really like but for some reason, I have got it stuck in my craw that a bottle of white should always be cheaper. Clearly, I am wrong about that.

So, I am going to buy 3 $20 bottles in the next month and try those.


I’m looking for suggestions if you have any! I’ll report back here on my results. It’s tough work… keep me in your thoughts!


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