how to make a monogram cork plaque

Ta Da!

1939979_10151965058275770_440196049_nIt’s all done! And it cost just $12 to make (not including the wine I drank to hoard all those corks!

Actuyally, It’s less corks than you think as each of the center ones is halved with a serrated knife first.

The frame is a small tray from the craft aisle at Wlamart. The string is hemp from the same place. The glue gun and corks were already in my possession! I stained the frame and then spent about half an hour arranging the corks. They need to be tight, hence the little bits here and there. There were some very different sized corks in my collection!

Other than a few blisters due to the glue gun being slightly too hot I had a ball making this! On to the next!!


wine crafts – how to keep lit if you love wine

Personally, I would probably set myself on fire if I tried this…


Fortunately you can buy them from this lady instead!


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