Sun Peaks Winter Wine Festival filling up

It’s time to start thinking about what you want to take in at the Sun Peaks Festival!

Grilled Cheese and wine is already sold out…. wahh.


Book before Nov 15th for better pricing and some deals! Sun Peaks Festival


chefs in the city – a must do wine event


This is a super, jam-packed evening of wining and dining that is well worth the ticket price. Bonus?? It is for a good cause! I have been twice and it’s fantastic! There will be twenty restaurants and 9 wineries this year.

For more info try this… Chefs in the City Info

We will be there!  Hope to see you there, too!

a trip down the wine aisle at saveon


It was a big day at Save On Foods in Kamloops!

In fact, they could have used a little traffic control in the parking lot it was so jam packed.

Today was the Grand Opening of their BC VQA Wine Department. I popped in this morning for a look and it turns out a thousand other people thought they would, too. Surprise! Here are some cool things to note about our latest (but really just part 2) wine retailer in town…

  • There are over 900 wines in this little space! Holy fermented fruit, Batman!


  • You will get a coupon for a discount on the featured wine they are pouring, if you happen to stumble upon them pouring that day!


  • Buy 6? Get 10% off. And that’s on mixed bottles! And every day to boot.


  • Their manager, Charlene Owen, used to be at Discover wines and knows her stuff. She will have a well trained and knowledgeable staff to help you choose your wine!


  • If you show up on a special occasion, maybe, just maybe, an MLA will pour you a sample of wine. That probably doesn’t happen every day though.


Wine was flying off the shelves! I bought two today and was really impressed with the selection! This is good for BC wine. Many little wineries can’t keep their tasting rooms open all year long, and where else are they going to sell this stuff? Really, over 900 wines. There were some great bottles there today!

Pop by this weekend for sampling from our Kamloops wineries! And watch for more great stuff from Save On Foods!


it’s open house weekend in kamloops wine country

Starting at 11am this Saturday, you can hit up any or all of our Kamloops Vineyards to celebrate their new season!

They’ll have their newest releases, tours and samples.


Find out more at;

Monte Creek

Harper’s Trail


We’ll be doing a little sampling and I’ll report back as to the best 3 wines Kamloops wines to buy this Summer. I’m interested in the box wines at Monte Creek…

Hope to see you on the trail!

it’s wine festival time!

It’s time to get our wine festival on here in Kamloops!

I love wine festival time but nine years in, I am starting to lose the excitement I once had for the big, huge, giant Consumer Wine Night that is now the culmination of a week of wine celebrations.

If you are new to wine or are a ‘fair-weather taster’ (meaning you are not passionate about finding and chatting about wine), the Consumer tasting is probably a great night out.

You basically get handed a glass and told to sample away until you choose to call it a night or you get carted off… that’s happened. Not to me, but, you know, to a friend.

That’s great, and I would love to go. But, it has it’s limitations.

The first is that there are over 500 people also sampling wine. That means your time with the agent or winemaker is limited to making eye contact and saying thank you for the most part. Also, it’s really hard to take notes or get any in depth information on a wine you find intriguing or outstanding, or to even find out more about the winery!

The second is that it is a popular event. Like, really popular. And that’s great for the Art Gallery but makes for a fast-paced, crowded night for wine enthusiasts like me.

This year, I went for a wine dinner instead! The Gallery has expanded it’s events over the last few years and you can attend one (or a few) of all sorts of wine evenings around town in May.

I gathered a few ladies and attended the opening dinner at the Fireside Steakhouse and Bar.


It was fantastic! Great food, the agent was there for the winery, we learned about the wines, why they were chosen and the stories behind them. We laughed and sipped and relaxed and had a ball. I got to visit with my friends and could hear every word they said!

We were treated to 4 wines from CC Jentsch Cellars. I actually only really cared for the first of the four we tried, The Quest, but it didn’t matter. I’ll try lots of wines this year. What counts is I had a great time and I learned a little and I would do it again!

Haven’t bought any tickets for a wine event yet? I recommend the Tapas at Earls on Tuesday or the Tour De France at Brownstone the same night!

I think either will be the hit of the week! If you are headed to the Consumer Tasting on Saturday I am sure you will enjoy that too. Really, there are no bad wine tastings!



an amazing wine event in your own backyard, kamloops!

Way back when, I talked about wine festivals and how some were better than others.

At the Sun Peaks Festival earlier this year my friends and I opted for a ‘workshop’ style tasting as opposed to a free-for-all sipping event that we usually experience here and we all LOVED it!

Here is another opportunity for an amazing experience just like that…

BA2_winefestival2This looks fantastic and any event you chose to attend would probably be great. Personally, I would do the sparking wine and cheese pairing!

Unfortunately I can’t go but you so, so totally should! All the deets are here Mile High Tasting!

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