how to run a wine club – it’s all about the mullet (ktw)

Thinking of maybe starting a little wine club in the new year?

Here is the link to the article on running a wine club tasting in your home!

Kamloops This Week – Wine Club



august wine night theme – farmer’s market

wpid-20150826_112632.jpgOur wine club (the real people one, not the virtual one) is meeting this Thursday after a Summer-long break. Why Thursday? Because. How often can you get a group of ladies together to drink on a Thursday if they don’t all go to University? We aren’t so young, you know. I can’t just snap back like I used to. So we meet Thursday! Hooray!

We visited the Kamloops Farmer’s Market this morning and I chose these beautiful heirloom carrots and dehydrated garlic. I am planning a roasted carrot tart. I am off to pick out a crisp, acidic white wine to pair with it. I’ll need help since nothing is coming to mind. Picking out the wine is harder than picking out the appy for me. I want this wine to be 00 sweetness. It can be light in body but will need to have lots of flavour. My hope is to have a BC wine on teh table but I may have to go with something from South Africa. We will see. I expect to be an hour in the liquour store looking at labels. I love that.

If you want to know a little more about why we choose themes each month, what our themes usually are or a list of suggested wine night themes you can search the topic on here. We ALWAYS have a theme!!

I can’t wait to see what the other ladies come up with. There should be a dozen fresh market creations and matching wines here on Thursday night. Can’t wait!

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