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I realized after getting a large number of notifications that I have just one article on here that is tagged with wine themes… I am sorry! There are many references and lists over the 3 years of posts. Please try using the search bar at the top of the home page and just search themes. Also, the wine tastings tags will be helpful to you, too! As soon as I am done drinking wine in the woods for the weekend I promise I’ll go back and tag the articles properly!

And, welcome to the blog if you are arriving here for the first time! We are happy to have you and love your feedback, your comments and we GLADLY take all suggestions for wines to try! Maybe you will see your recommended wine featured on the blog or in the paper one day!



august wine night theme – farmer’s market

wpid-20150826_112632.jpgOur wine club (the real people one, not the virtual one) is meeting this Thursday after a Summer-long break. Why Thursday? Because. How often can you get a group of ladies together to drink on a Thursday if they don’t all go to University? We aren’t so young, you know. I can’t just snap back like I used to. So we meet Thursday! Hooray!

We visited the Kamloops Farmer’s Market this morning and I chose these beautiful heirloom carrots and dehydrated garlic. I am planning a roasted carrot tart. I am off to pick out a crisp, acidic white wine to pair with it. I’ll need help since nothing is coming to mind. Picking out the wine is harder than picking out the appy for me. I want this wine to be 00 sweetness. It can be light in body but will need to have lots of flavour. My hope is to have a BC wine on teh table but I may have to go with something from South Africa. We will see. I expect to be an hour in the liquour store looking at labels. I love that.

If you want to know a little more about why we choose themes each month, what our themes usually are or a list of suggested wine night themes you can search the topic on here. We ALWAYS have a theme!!

I can’t wait to see what the other ladies come up with. There should be a dozen fresh market creations and matching wines here on Thursday night. Can’t wait!

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