Wine Wednesday

The struggle is real.. am I right, Moms?


I just found out my child needs to be in all black for a concert at school tomorrow.

First, since when did school concerts need to look like miniature funerals? OMG. Pick a different colour, please.

Second, my child is in Grade 3. Please don’t rely on her to pass on instructions in a timely way. Just like you need to tell her 8 times to return to her seat, you need to tell her eight times to wear black on Thursday. Since the eighth time rolled around today, we are all super thrilled and getting along in our house tonight.

Third.. um, whatever. It seems like it’s a big deal. I’m am sure there are three things wrong with this.

Yay for wine on Wednesday. Saving Moms everywhere. Two sleeps til Friday!

So tomorrow my kid will be in a combination of semi-clean black items and a very dark blue sweater and I’ll be wearing this…



Chefs in The City Winners!

First of all, a huge Bravo! to Kamloops Rotary for pulling off a great event! It was well organized, the flow was better this year and the waits were reduced at each table. Chef’s in the City is a ‘not-to-be-missed’ culinary event in Kamloops!


Now, who did it best??

***dislaimer – I don’t eat lamb or duck so I didn’t sample those dishes. (but my heart is happy with me)

Hands down, my favourite dish was the banana bread stuffed french toast offered by Hello Toast! It was the lightest french toast I’ve ever had and by far the lightest banana bread I’ve sampled in my life. Topped with cream, honey butter and stuffed with cheese? I’ll take 8 helpings, please.

Honourable mention goes to Blue Dining and Lounge for a Caesar Salad made of brussel sprouts. Don’t even question it. It was amazing.

Drink of the night? Once again, Storms brought their A-game and made a fantastic cocktail with Prosecco and gin and lemon. Zing – straight in for the win!

Well done, everyone!


Beautiful Kamloops Wine hits a Home Run

Let me tell you about a beautiful bottle of wine.


It’s not too often that a winery I have frequented regularly surprises me, but the 2015 Ranch Hand Red from Monte Creek did just that. In fact, it kind of floored me.

Monte Creek is a young winery, producing a good volume of wine that’s ready to drink straight from the shelf. It’s fruity and fresh and everything a new winery should be putting out. They take home their share of awards and do a good job getting their wine into the hands of young, BC consumers. Their perfect market. It’s working well for them, they have a popular patio and host many events, from painting classes to vineyard tours, that draw an ever-growing fan base to their door.

If you haven’t found your favorite Monte Creek wine yet, go buy a bottle of Ranch Hand Red. At $30 a bottle at the winery (or online) it is a bit pricier than their usual bottle, but this is the price point where really good BC wine can really start to compete on the world stage. This wine is capable of that. It is worth the drive out just to grab a bottle of this. And, if you don’t stop on your way by if you are headed east, all the more pity I have for you, since one day this wine will be sold out, and you’ll have missed your chance.

Beautifully smokey and oaked so subtly, it is their smoothest selection to date. It’s more complex than their other offerings and the beautiful roasted fruit flavour rises up behind the other spice-infused notes. This wine is full of baking inspired tastes; vanilla and allspice along with just a hint of smoke. A good balance of time in both French and American oak barrels has served the wine exceptionally well. Sixteen months in oak is a long stretch for BC wine, and sometimes, our local wines that have been oaked for any length of time are ruined by the use of cheaper wood, or wood chips, or rushing the process. Don’t let your previous experiences with oaked wine scare you off here. This is the perfect wine to start your red wine love affair with.

These grapes, a blend of mostly Merlot with a good measure of Frontenac Noir and Cab Sav, have been handled with a light touch. Left well enough alone and not over-handled, the fruit shines through. It’s light in your mouth and has a long finish.

With enough acidity and fruit for the patio, and enough meat and depth for dinner, this is a do-not-miss vintage for your wine shelf. I’d buy two for good measure.

Purchase Ranch Hand Red here. 

Happening now….

When you are broke but still want to drink wine…

So, your tastes and your bank account don’t seem to really jive? You have more wants than George Washingtons (sorry, but I couldn’t come up with a loonie link). You still like finer wine but your debit card says you need to stick to ramen and ice cubes.

Sigh, me too.

I really do wish I could be sipping $25 bottles of wine on Wednesdays. Or, pop out for drinks on Friday and pay more for a glass than I do for a bottle. Alas, that is not how I roll.

So, you have little extra cha-ching but you don;t want to drink junk. Good on you! Me either. So, I do have four labels that I think you can rely on, that are good, good value!

These four wineries deliver consistently across their varietals and are drinkable for even the most discerning wine lovers that watch the bottom line as much as the grape vine. Ready? Write these down…

Cono Sur… This is just good wine. I’ve never had a bad one yet. It is ridiculously affordable and very drinkable.

Cono-Sur-Bicicleta-Viognier-640x640.pngWayne Gretzky.. This is a little pricier but it always delivers. And I have never found another ‘celebrity endorsed’ wine that I liked. Period. This one wins all the games!

wgFinca Los Primos.. Again, great wine that is well priced and consistently delivers. Made for the new-world wine drinker, you can’t go wron


Jacob’s Creek… These wines run sweet but are well priced and if you are new to wine, or like barefoot or naked grape wines, you will like these too!


So, there you have it. Bookmark this post and open it the next time you are at the liquor store! If you lack the funds to go on a high-falutin’ hoe down but still want to be swanky this weekend, give one of these a spin!

Happy sipping!



Comfort Wine.. In a white, no less!

If you have been reading along even sporadically you probably know I am struggling with a go-to white wine.

I’m not a big ‘special occasion’ wine drinker. Well, probably I am, but I don’t worry too much about which wine I will choose for a special occasion because I like lots of wines I can’t really afford. Buying any one of them makes for a special occasion. Maybe I am cheap… I should sit and think about that over a glass of wine.

Anyways, I have really struggled to find a regular old white wine I can comfortably afford to drink on a Tuesday and actually really like.

Ta Da!! I have found the holy grail of white table wines! Meet…


Cono Sur Bicicleta 2014 Viognier. This is some good, good squished up grapes.

First, I just love these wines. Cono Sur has been making stand-up wine for a long time. You can’t go wrong with these wines, really. They are all a good value and well suited to a new-world wine drinker. Second, viognier is a solid-ass grape that is under-recognized. You should try lots of these wines this year. Make it your go-to sample wine when you explore wineries and tastings! Then, compare it to some pinot blanc. That’s another unsung hero in BC wine.

Back to Tuesday night. This is a great table wine. I wish table wine was $7 a bottle in BC but alas, we have far too many levels of government for that. However, this is cheap. Like, around $10-$12 a bottle. So, stock up and keep it chilled for when you barely made it through the work day!

Hooray for you, super hero! Here’s to Tuesday!


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