Comfort Wine.. In a white, no less!

If you have been reading along even sporadically you probably know I am struggling with a go-to white wine.

I’m not a big ‘special occasion’ wine drinker. Well, probably I am, but I don’t worry too much about which wine I will choose for a special occasion because I like lots of wines I can’t really afford. Buying any one of them makes for a special occasion. Maybe I am cheap… I should sit and think about that over a glass of wine.

Anyways, I have really struggled to find a regular old white wine I can comfortably afford to drink on a Tuesday and actually really like.

Ta Da!! I have found the holy grail of white table wines! Meet…


Cono Sur Bicicleta 2014 Viognier. This is some good, good squished up grapes.

First, I just love these wines. Cono Sur has been making stand-up wine for a long time. You can’t go wrong with these wines, really. They are all a good value and well suited to a new-world wine drinker. Second, viognier is a solid-ass grape that is under-recognized. You should try lots of these wines this year. Make it your go-to sample wine when you explore wineries and tastings! Then, compare it to some pinot blanc. That’s another unsung hero in BC wine.

Back to Tuesday night. This is a great table wine. I wish table wine was $7 a bottle in BC but alas, we have far too many levels of government for that. However, this is cheap. Like, around $10-$12 a bottle. So, stock up and keep it chilled for when you barely made it through the work day!

Hooray for you, super hero! Here’s to Tuesday!



crystals in your wine glass. Good or bad?

Check out the latest Kamloops This Week column here to find out if it’s safe to drink your wine if it’s gritty!

wine thursday or any day DT is still president

I missed wine wednesday. Then I spent the afternoon home with my daughter today. In my free time I got sucked into twitterville. And I got engaged with a twat.. I mean twit, over Trump’s new stance on protecting LGBTQ kids in schools. So, I have logged out of twitter and all I can think of now is this…


If ever there was a need to drink on weeknights, it is the 4 weeks that this trainwreck has been barreling along.

I didn’t even know he made wine. Now, more than ever, it’s a good time to buy BC wine. Make America sane again. Please.

*politics and opinion. Usually you should avoid them online and when you schlep a product, lest you offend a potential customer or employer. I don’t. I stand proudly here for any LGBTQ kid that needs an ally. You are not alone.


Wine of the week…¬†

Sorry, everyone. I’m on week 2 of this vintage….

Soon we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming.  I hope….

Kamloops vodka on the way!

Learning about the dirt 

At the Sun Peaks wine festival! 

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